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Who Dies In Demon Slayer? All Important Character Deaths!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the most successful manga series in the last 10 years, and if you’re familiar with how the movie performed, then there’s nothing else to talk about! Coming back to the real topic! a manga series against demons and their execution is bound to have character deaths!

Hence, in this post, I’ll try to mention every important character in the series who die. I may miss some, but, the characters in the list below are the most important ones!

Tanjiro’s Family (This Started Everything)

Muzan killing Tanjiro’s family was the beginning of this whole journey! Having his whole family slaughtered and his young sister turned into a Demon is the worst nightmare for any kid of Tanjiro’s age. But, leaving everything to fate is not in Tanjiro’s blood.

Demon Slayer Tanjiro's Family
Tanjiro’s Family

In simple words, Muzan was afraid of Tanjiro’s father and his secret technique. And he found him a threat for his eternal existence. In simple words, Muzan tried to secure his future. But it seems Tanjiro is the luckiest in his family and that luck saved him from the same fate that day!


The Hashira or the Pillars in Demon Slayer are the driving force behind the war against Demons. There’s a reason why they are called “Pillar,” since these guys are the “standing pillars” behind the execution of important and high level Demons.

Now, since a Hashira is always given the most difficult mission there’s always a chance that they could die! There have been previous generations of Hashira, but here we’ll only talk about the active ones. So, among all the active Hashira which of them die?

Water Hashira (Tomioka)

The first Hashira to make his appearance in the series; Tomioka is the Water Hashira and also one of the most experienced one! Despite his serious and unemotional face he has a soft corner for Tanjiro. He couldn’t believe that a Demon can actually protect a Human. Hence, he vouched and supported him till the end.

Demon Slayer Water Hashira
Water Hashira (Tomioka)

Despite fighting some intense battles, the good news is that Tomioka never died in the manga. He is among the very few Hashira who lived and later died naturally.

Love Hashira (Kanroji)

It’s true that Love doesn’t work against Demon, hence you might get a feeling that the Love Hashira is a weak one? Yes, you can say that she is the weakest among all Hashira, but yet, she is powerful enough to take down a number of powerful Demons single-handedly.

Demon Slayer Love Hashira
Love Hashira (Kanroji)

Unlike Tomioka, she wasn’t as lucky. Kanroji died at the end of the series when the war against Muzan as its peak! What’s good is that her death was not cruel and she only died because of heavy injuries.

Serpent Hashira (Iguro)

Iguro and Kanroji died at the same time. Though from the beginning Iguro only revealed the vicious and killer side of his. At the end it’s revealed that he liked Kanroji and thought to spend life together.

Demon Slayer Serpent Hashira
Serpent Hashira (Iguro)

Iguro also died fighting against Muzan’s Demons. As I said before, since he died with Kanroji, his death was also not a cruel one!

Wind Hashira (Sanemi)

He is the most hated among all the Hashira. The reason? He stabbed Nezuko just because she was a demon! But, as a Hashira he is someone who shouldn’t be messed with!

Demon Slayer Wind Hashira
Wind Hashira (Sanemi)

His fate was sealed when his younger brother Genya also appeared with fight alongside. His younger brother died in place of him. Nothing much was revealed what happened to him after Muzan’s death, but according to the mangaka he led a normal life and died later naturally!

Stone Hashira (Himejima)

This muscular Hashira has something really special about him! Though blind, he is powerful enough to finish Demons in one sweep. In terms of appearance, he is the most uncommon one! He is always crying out of mercy and love. Maybe because of his past connections with a monastery.

Demon Slayer Stone Hashira
Stone Hashira (Himejima)

As same as Kanroji and Iguro, Himejima also died in the final battle against Muzan. His death brought tears to my eyes. No because the way he passed away, but the emotional connection with his past. A Hashira dying so peacefully is not a common occurrence!

Flame Hashira (Rengoku)

The center of attention of the movie, “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.” Renguko’s personality is completely different from most gloomy Hashira. And why won’t he be. At the end he is the Flame Hashira.

Flame Hashira (Rengoku)

If you haven’t yet watched the movie, then you’re really missing something really great! The movie has shown beautifully how powerful a Hashira can be. It would be an insult to his bravery to pity his death since he died a Hero.

Sound Hashira (Uzui)

Probably the luckiest among the pack. The Sound Hashira retired quite a time ago before the final battle against Muzan started. There could be various reason behind this decision, but I have a feeling that it’s because of his wives!

Demon Slayer Sound Hashira
Sound Hashira (Uzui)

He never made an appearance after he took retirement. He probably went somewhere far away from the Demons.

Mist Hashira (Tokito)

The most gloomy one. After a traumatic event the Mist Hashira became the least expressive Hashira in the pack. It’s as if his days are spent in the past, the same day everything happened! But, his powers say everything about him.

Demon Slayer Mist Hashira
Mist Hashira (Tokito)

He also dies at the end of the war. We never got to see how powerful he was until the manga approached the ending. I used to read some comments regarding whether the Mist Hashira was the weakest among everyone, but everything got clear when the time came.

Insect Hashira (Shinobu)

Arguably one of the most beautiful female in the series, the Insect Hashira doesn’t slaughter her enemies with brute force. Demon laugh at her sword because it’s too short and doesn’t look dangerous at all. But, it’s too late by the time they learn the truth!

Demon Slayer Insect Hashira
Insect Hashira (Shinobu)

Among all the Hashira, her death was the most cruel one. I won’t reveal how she died, but she never deserved such death. She is among the first Hashira to die in the War against Muzan.

Can The Hashira Return?

Demon Slayer does have magical elements in its story, but cheating death is something that most manga skip. And since the series is natural in balancing the power levels of the characters, it become pretty unlikely that the Hashira will ever revive.

Also, even if it was a possibility, the series never revealed anyone capable enough to perform such feats! Hence, the simple answer is that NO! The Hashira are not coming back. They are gone!

Does Tanjiro Die?

Though Tanjiro didn’t die. He did changed to a Demon. Thanks to Muzan! The whole thing was messed up when this happened, but his secret blood helped him recover from the infection!

Demon Slayer Tanjiro

If let’s say Tanjiro died at the end with Muzan, it would have been the worst tragedy. He just couldn’t afford to die! With the sheer number of people who were dependent on him, Tanjiro’s death would have simply turned Nezuko insane and others extremely sad!

Muzan’s Death

This single character is responsible for the death of countless innocent people. His death came after the intense struggle Tanjiro and other Demon Hunters went through. Heck, Tanjiro also became a Demon in the process too, but he was yet lucky again things changed back to normal.

Demon Slayer Muzan

Since Muzan was the central antagonist, it’s logical that he is the last Demon to die. But, before his death, we got to see the reason he became so obsessed of being alive for eternity. The struggle he went through before dying, the struggle Tanjiro went through to keep himself aside from Muzan is something I cannot describe in words. It’s simply too heavy and deep!

But, with Muzan’s death came the dusk of the Demons. The price was to too big, but not bigger that Humanity’s freedom from Demons.


I know I have left many other characters who have played important role in the series. Those characters didn’t die. Hence, I chose not to include them in this list. What do you think about this list? Did I miss something?

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