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Tokyo Ghoul’s Creator Unveils New Manga Series.

Sui Ishida, the creator of the insanely famous Manga series, Tokyo Ghoul, announced on his Twitter handle that he is coming up with a new series. In his official Tweet he also said that the name of the series will be “Chojin X“. The literal translation come to be “Superman X“.

The image seems to be a boy kneeling in front of a Devil like figure with long fingers. By the name of the series, it is for sure that the series will have supernatural elements.

As of writing this, the tweet isn’t even 24 hrs old, and is already viral with fans getting extremely excited.

The above reaction from one of the followers of the tweet is strikingly similar to what I was doing when I read this news.

If you don’t know about Tokyo Ghoul, I would request you to watch it. It’s worth the watch and will be an engaging experience.

Ishida sensei’s Tokyo Ghoul started serialization on Weekly Young Jump in 2011 and ended in 2014. Again in 2014 he came up with Tokyo Ghoul: re series and continued it until 2018. Within a span of 8 years, Tokyo Ghoul reached a total circulation of 44 million(2019), hence, confirming the popularity of the series.

Watch Tokyo Ghoul

You can watch Tokyo Ghoul on Funimation & Hulu


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