Below are some of the Rules that OtakuHermit follows strictly.

OtakuHermit avoids conflicts of interest whenever possible. In case of a content containing materials that may cause possible conflicts; OtakuHermit will provide a Disclaimer.

Also, OtakuHermit believes in unbiased reporting and strives hard to keep content as accurate as possible. At OtakuHermit any content that is uploaded goes through strict fact checking to verify the accuracy of it. Only when all the points are met the content is uploaded.

OtakuHermit does not post any news that may be Fake (information that are not yet verified). If there is a discussion of “Spoilers” or discussion of already available information special care is taken to ensure the reader does not read what they don’t want to.

All the Opinions that are posted are Personal and must be read with the similar view.

Unless assets or news (press release) come from official studio source or their PR affiliates, OtakuHermit always provides link credit to original sources. All the logos, names, trademarks, photos used or mentioned on OtakuHermit belong to their respective owners.