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One Piece 1005 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

Luffy and his nakama are trying really hard to put a dent on Kaido’s plans, but, it seems Kaido and Big Mom are on a different league. In Chapter 1003 we saw Luffy unleashing his possibly the most powerful attack on Kaido, and the reaction to it was only a minor injury. But, Zoro is the one who has, till now failed to land any crucial hit on Kaido or Big Mom. Enough talk, let’s look into One Piece 1005 Spoilers, Raw Scans and few Discussions.

Chapter Discussion

Sanji Rescued

Many Chapter ago, we saw Sanji struggling to attack Black Maria as she is a Woman. As we know how chivalrous Sanji, but being a Gentleman always backfires for him whenever his opponent is a Female.

Though he has defeated the Male subordinates of Black Maria, Sanji is still trapped in Black Maria’s webs.

After several Chapters, we are finally returning to Sanji’s battle zone. Since, Sanji is trapped and the only thing that Black Maria wants is Robin’s appearance, the only thing that Sanji could have done is to call for help.

And, that’s what he did in Chapter 1005. He called for help, and his Nakama are present.

As soon as Robin enters the battle field, she lands an attack on Black Maria, Brook on the other hand rescues Sanji from Black Maria’s trap.

The Chapter ends with Black Maria Vs. Robin and Brook. It seems Brook and Robin now have got the chance to shine in this all-out War against Kaido.

Spoilers [UPDATED]

  • Black Maria is seen Urging Sanji to call Robin.
  • Black Maria has defeated Sanji since he has done nothing to defend himself.
  • Sanji has only defeated the male members under Black Maria and left the female ones untouched.
  • Sanji says: “Save me Robin! I’m on the Third Floor! I’m a Prisoner!”
  • Those who have the paper with eyes drawn can share images and sounds.
  • This call from Sanji alerts several characters thanks to those who have the paper with the eye drawn.
  • Robin attacks Black Maria with Gigantic Hand.
  • Nami regrets that her opponent is a Woman.
  • While Robin is attacking Black Maria, Brook rescues Sanji from freezing Black Maria’s web.
  • After arrival, Robin says: “Thanks for trusting me, Sanji!”
  • The animals that have the paper with the drawn eye are Kaido’s spies, but they are not real animals, they are only cyborgs.
  • Kaido’s subordinates discover Yamato.
  • On the other hand, Jack is planning to kill the Red Scabbards.
  • End panel shows Black Maria Vs. Robin and Brook.

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