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Who Can Die In One Piece? Most Obvious Death-Flag

One Piece is approaching its final. Oda has promised fans that he will leave no stone unturned in this final arc. Each and every secret is going to be revealed and by the end we fans will know everything about the series.

Well, this also means that One Piece is going to be more serious and brutal than usual. That also indirectly points to a lot of deaths (especially of important characters).

Hence, in this post I’ll list down characters with strong death flag.


(7) Luffy

Luffy is heavily compared to how Roger was back in the day. Surprisingly there are also few moments when Luffy looks almost like Roger! All this similarities have convinced OP fans to think that Luffy too is going to die like Roger.

Luffy Awakens Devil Fruit One Piece

But if you ask me, I don’t think this is going to happen. Oda will not repeat the same thing and irk his fans. The worst that can happen is that Luffy completely disappears from the world, never to found by anyone! And honestly, Luffy’s death will, in fact, impact the story.

(6) Shanks

I know what you’re thinking! “Luffy will kill Shanks.” No that’s not going to happen. Yeah, but there are many other characters who want to kill the infamous Red Hair Shanks. The first and foremost is Blackbeard. For some reason both of them have a strong negativity towards each other…

One Piece Shanks

And if Blackbeard ended up killing Shanks I don’t know how will Luffy respond to it? More than Luffy we fans would cry tears of agony. Not just because Shanks was a perfect chad, but also because we would never learn about his actual battle prowess.

(5) Jinbei

Jinbei is one of the most loved One Piece character. Almost nothing about him deserve any hate! But what are the chances of his death? His gave his first hint of death for Luffy. Has always said that he would give his life for Luffy.

One Piece Jinbei

It’s also not just talk. Jinbei has proven countless times. He has put his life on line to save Luffy from trouble! Though the entire One Piece community would be immensely sad, there’s a high chance that Jinbie might end-up dying in the final battle.

(4) Akainu

While Jinbei is one of the most loved character in One Piece Akainu is just the opposite! Ask any fan and they will accept that Akainu is one of the most hated One Piece character ever. Most of the hatred comes after he killed Ace…

One Piece Akainu

Heck, he went one step ahead and killed his own people. That’s the worst crime against humanity! Back in the Marineford Arc Luffy was not strong enough to fight Akainu, but as of writing this Luffy is fast approaching his peak strength. Mark my words, Luffy might end-up wither killing Akainu or completely destroying his Navy career.

(3) Sabo

In the three trio, Ace, Luffy and Sabo, one of them is dead! Sabo disappeared in childhood only to re-appear as a grown-up. As a high-ranking officer of the Revolutionary Army Sabo always has a high chance of getting caught or killed.

Sabo One Piece

On top of that latest developments in the manga is not giving a good indication. Sabo has fallen, yet again, to a trap and after that his situation is unknown. One Piece fans are speculating that this time he might be either dead or heavily injured. Or let’s take one extra step and say that Monkey D. Dragon might die and Sabo may end-up taking his place…

(2) Marco

Oda does not have a habit of killing unused characters. But this is the final arc we are talking about. Anything can happen! Marco did play a huge role in the Wano War, but after this his role is pretty much finished! Kaido and Big Mom are defeated, Wano is free, and the Whitebeard Pirates were already disbanded years ago.

Marco One Piece

Either Marco retires for good this time and spend life like Rayleigh or he gets captured by the Navy or gets killed by other Pirate. My opinion is that Marco may end-up dying in the end.

(1) Garp

Garp has been too OP until now and almost unscathed by all the mess that has been happening lately. Who knows Blackbeard might end-up killing Garp just to unbalance Luffy’s determination. Blackbeard is astonishingly cunning when it comes to beating his enemy.

One Piece Garp

Garp has the highest probability of dying in the manga. You can even check in different One Piece community and a portion of fans do believe this fact!

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