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One Piece: 9 Strongest Pirates Of The Begone Era

Years before Luffy became a Pirate, in fact years before he was even born there were Pirates who explored the Sea. Though most of them were greedy and only wanted materialistic gains there were some Pirates and Pirate Crews with a different ambition.

In this post I’ll list 9 legendary Pirates of the begone era. Not that they have become weak or bored, but they have completely their journey…

You might have heard some names in this list but I’m sure you would have forgotten some of them…With this let’s begin:

(9) Shakky

Shakky seems pretty young for her age. And why won’t she? She was once the leader of the Kuja Pirates. In short Shakky is the past Boa Hancock. Unfortunately we don’t know anything about her Pirate days but it’s said that she was more powerful and domination than Boa Hancock.

Shakky One Piece

If I can recall correctly, even Garp once persuaded her but she escaped. Well if she escape Garp that means she was pretty OP back in the days.

(8) Zeff

Zeff is one forgotten character in the manga. Back in his prime days he was famous with the nickname: “Red-Leg.” The reason? After every battle his leg used to be red with the enemy’s blood. Hence, the name “Red-Leg.” Now you can understand why does Sanji only uses his legs? Surprisingly Sanji is called “Black-Leg.”

Zeff One Piece

Zeff retired as a Pirate after his crew was annihilated in a storm and both him and Sanji had to strive for food.

(7) Gaban

Very little is known about Gaban, only that he was one of the strongest in Roger’s crew. Some fans speculate that he was as powerful as Silvers Rayleigh if not stronger! Gaban and Rayleigh were to Roger what Sanji and Zoro is to Luffy.

Gaban One Piece

Nothing is known about him after the Roger Pirates disbanded and Roger died. He is either dead or it’s not yet the time to reveal him…

(6) Silvers Rayleigh

I think Rayleigh needs no introduction! He was the second-in-command of the Roger Pirates and probably one of the strongest retired Pirate alive. Even at an old age Rayleigh is powerful enough to fight Kizaru, the fastest person in One Piece.

One Piece Rayleigh
Silvers Rayleigh

Back in his prime days Rayleigh was confident and powerful enough to face Oden without giving a second thought. No wonder why Luffy has become so strong after following his training regime.

(5) Don Chinjao

Don Chinjao is not as active as other retired Pirates like Rayleigh and Whitebeard, but this man was insanely strong. There was an episode were we saw him fighting young Garp.

Don Chinjao One Piece
Don Chinjao

Chinjao can also unleash Haoshoku Haki (Color of the Supreme King) when needed. This is enough to accept the fact that Don Chinjao was an immense force back in his day…

(4) Shiki

Before I explain anything about powerful Shiki is, he is a previous member of the Rocks Pirates. This fact alone is more than enough to include him in the “Big League.” Though he hasn’t appeared many times in the story Shiki is sometimes compared to Roger and Whitebeard’s closest competitor.

Shiki One Piece

It took both Garp and Sengoku bring Shiki down and the result was a massive marine casualty and a half-destroyed town. I was reading some speculation that Shiki might end-up joining Blackbeard Pirates. If this happens the Straw Hats would be in deep trouble!

(3) Whitebeard

Now we are entering the “BIG 3.” Whitebeard, of course, was as strong as Roger. Even Roger considered him as his strongest enemy! But what made Whitebeard different than other Pirates was his dream. He didn’t hesitate to take any severe decision to save his Pirate Family.

One Piece Whitebeard

White didn’t deserve the type of death, but his legacy will live on forever.

(2) Gol D. Roger

You probably already know who will come 2nd. Roger started it all. The race for this One Piece and the massive rise in Pirates. In fact, I would he is the reason behind the entire series’ story…

One Piece Roger

comparing Roger’s strength is an insult to not just him but One Piece itself. He and Garp single-handedly beat the Rocks Pirates who were considered the strongest Pirate Group in history.

(1) Rocks D. Xebec

Do you see any similarity between Roger and Xebec? Both have the “inital D” in their name. What is the meaning of D? Only Oda knows for now…Well, Xebec’s past is hidden in mystery and almost nothing is known about him. How powerful was he is intentionally shrouded in mystery!

One Piece Rocks Pirate
Rocks D. Xebec

What cannot be hidden is that Whitebeard, Big Mom and Kaido worked under him. These three went on to become the Emperor of the Sea.

Do you have any speculation and theory about Rocks D. Xebec? Please do comment:

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