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Top 12 Most Hated One Piece Characters

Can you just guess how many characters are there in One Piece? No? Heck, not even I can do it…Well you(and me) may not remember each and every character from the manga, but we can the most hated ones

Hence, in this post, I’ll list the Top 12 Most Hated Characters Ever In One Piece

(1) Orochi

No doubt Orochi is the most hated Villain in One Piece. His mere presence makes OP fans skin crawl. But why is Orochi so hated when there are other Villains too. His past! He justifies all his brutality with the events that happened in past…That’s all.

Orochi One Piece

Maybe he thinks extracting revenge will make the dead happy. He will go straight to hell after all the atrocities he committed on innocent people.

(2) Saint Charlos

I don’t know whether I should even call him as a “Saint.” This guy has one of the most punchable faces in One Piece. Everything he does is ugly and humiliating for a saint. Kudos to Oda for the fantastic art style. His art style is the very basic reason why he is hated…

One Piece Charlos

Well, Luffy did what we all fans wanted to do! But I guess Luffy is not the only one who wanted to punch him as you can see in the above image…

(3) Trebol

Do you see a pattern here? Almost every villain in One Piece with OP prowess are insanely ugly with snotty nose. Trebol is one of them. I mean what can you expect from someone who has “Mucus Devi Fruit” as ability.

One Piece Trebol

I may sound a sadist but it felt great when he was defeated. He deserved the type of defeat…What do you say?

(4) Akainu Sakazuki

Akainu is trolled by One Piece community for being always angry. That’s actually true. I have never seen him calm and composed. Akainu didn’t use to receive so much hate before the Ace incident, but he mercilessly killed Ace, almost every One Piece turned against him.

One Piece Akainu Sakazuki
Akainu Sakazuki

I have a strong feeling that Luffy will fight him in the final battle and may probably kill him too. Oda has indicated that he will go all out in his final arc. So anything can happen.

(5) Wapol

Wapol has the biggest jaw in entire anime and manga universe. Wapol is basically hated for his wimpy yet cunning personality. Being the monarch of Black Drum Kingdom, he never thought about the welfare of the country people. Rather he exploited them…Worse, he ran away when Black Beard Pirates attacked his Kingdom.

One Piece Wapol

And as I mentioned before, Wapol is pretty cunning and used many underhanded techniques to crush the Straw Hat Pirates. He failed, but he didn’t get destroyed, and as of writing this he has become a King again…

(6) Caesar Clown

There are some striking similarities between Wapol and Caesar. Both of them are intelligent and both of them are not good at physical combat. Where Caesar takes a lead if in intelligence. He is probably the most hated intelligent man in One Piece.

One Piece Caesar Clown
Caesar Clown

What can you expect from a scientist who worked with Vegapunk, the greatest scientist ever known! Caesar is also responsible for the artificial Devil Fruit with messed up countless lives in Wano and who knows where else…

(7) Arlong

Arlong is one of the earliest Villains in One Piece. He is hated for variety of reasons. The very first one is him killing Nami’s foster mom Bellmere. That too without any specific reason, probably to show his command over humans. The next is torturing and killing innocent Humans.

One Piece Arlong

Keeping everything aside, unlike other Villains Arlong is not only insanely physically strong, but also intelligent. He quickly learned Luffy’s weakness and went on to attack him from various directions. Yes Arlong was defeated but the hatred still remained with him…

(8) Hody Jones

Hody Jones is discount Arlong who considered himself as a great Fish-Man. What makes him worse than Arlong is his racist attitude towards Humans. He attacked and even killed innocent Humans just because he thought they were inferior and didn’t deserve to be alive.

One Piece Hody Jones
Hody Jones

You can say that Hody is an absolute evil as he went a step forward to kill Otohime (Queen) who was working so hard to bring Humans and Fish-Men join hands.

(9) Stelly/Sterry

Stelly/Sterry is not evil. At least he hasn’t done anything (yet) to deserve the “evil” title. He sure is ignorant of the world and thinks of himself as the greatest of all. In his short appearance in the story he managed to gather substantial number of haters…

One Piece Sterry

But you know what? this ignorant personality also makes him the most suitable character to receive personality development. There is a LOT of room for him to grow. I wonder whether he’ll arrive to save Sabo when he’ll be in trouble?

(10) Spandam

Spandam is hated for countless reasons. The first one being the guy to forcefully take away Nico Robin. Despite being the former leader of CP9 and the present member of CP0 Spandam has relatively less skilled and power…

One Piece Spandam

In short, Shandam has a nasty personality and also lacks basic knowledge of human rights. He forcefully took Robin just because the World Government want it…Dude has no character whatsoever.

(11) Shirahoshi

This is a controversial one, but Shirahoshi does have substantial amount of haters. Not that she is evil, but her constant crying for even the most trivial things is a turn-off. Yes, I accept that she is not matured yet and stays depressed, but for some reason a large OP community hates her for such behavior.

Shirahoshi One Piece

On the flip side, Shirahoshi is probably the purest character in One Piece. She is also simple and has no sense of pride for being the princess and also Poseidon…

(12) Blackbeard

Would you hit me if I said that I somewhat like Blackbeard? Not because of his evil personality and what he did to Whitebeard but solely for his presence. Blackbeard does have a powerful presence as a Villain…

One Piece Black Beard
Black Beard

He is the most anticipated character to fight against Luffy. Blackbeard is the only guy to have two of the most powerful abilities. I wonder how will Luffy fight against such a powerful foe?


So in conclusion these are the top 12 most hated One Piece characters. I know there are more but as of now I don’t remember them…

Do let me know more names and I’ll add it ASAP.

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