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Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 17 Release Date & Time

After the previous episode, Subaru, for sure, is in high spirits. On top of it, it’s not normal for Subaru to not die even once in Season 2. Within two episodes we have seen Subaru grow more than he had grown in entire Season 1. Winning over Garfiel, kissing Emilia, getting a great friend like Otto, is only some of the things Subaru has achieved. But, the chain of success hasn’t stopped yet, we come to see even more surprising revelation in Episode 44. With this, let’s look into Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 17 Release Date, Time and some Discussions.

Episode Discussion


In the previous episode of Re Zero, we saw a known face during Emilia’s trial. If you had been watching Re Zero Season then you will recall that this is the same person who attacked Rem.

His evil presence is enough for Fortuna to take an offensive position. And in this episode, we come so see a new character called Pandore.

Though, Pandora looks like a teenager, she is one of the main antagonist of the Re: Zero series.

If this wasn’t enough for the verification, Pandora is the Witch of Vainglory. And, her power is probably the most terrifying among all the witches.

She can revive after being killed every time. That’s the only remarkable power we came to see in this episode, but, this cannot be said that she does not have any physical power as she was easily able to subdue Regulus and teleport him to his Mansion.

Her power demonstration in this episode might be just the tip of iceberg, and as the episode continue, we might as well come to see more.

Emilia Will Open The Sealed Gate?

Shortly after the trial began, kid Emilia was guided by the lower spirits towards the huge Gate. For the first time, we watchers thought that as soon as she opens the Gate, disaster will spread.

But, it seems there is really something important behind the Gate that only Emilia can access. Hence, this may also be the reason why she is kept in a secluded space away from everyone.

At the end of this episode, we see that even before Emilia can reach the Gate, Pandora is waiting for her. Now, when a powerful Witch wants to open a Gate, there surely is something interesting that will solve the reason why Emilia cannot face her trial.

Things are getting interesting, let’s see what happens.

Release Date

Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 44 will release on Wednesday, February 10, at 05:30(PDT). There is no Preview of the next episode, but, the end of Episode 43 confirms that Betelgeuse and Fortuna were defeated by Pandora.

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