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Will We Get Balance Unlimited Season 2?

With the airing of its 11th episode The Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited wrapped up its case and concluded. With just 11 episodes that too getting disrupted due to pandemic Balance Unlimited successfully garnered a good fan following. We don’t always find a detective series with a humor twist. Now the question is whether there will be Balance Unlimited Season 2.

The final and 11th episode aired and concluded on 24th September.

Before discussing whether the series will get a Second Season, let’s look from where Balance Unlimited has been adopted. The Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited is an Anime adaptation of a 1978 Novel written by Yasutaka Tsutsui. Though the novel is more of a serious nature, the creators of the Anime have done a great job into the comic timing making a serious series fun and addictive to watch.

Though the timeline of the Anime was disrupted due to pandemic, the Anime successfully gained a great and loyal fan following. It is this fan-following who wants a second season of the series.

The Millionaire Detective Season 2 Predictions:

But, unfortunately there may not be a Second run. There are various reason behind the claim.

  1. The Main objective is already complete.
  2. There is nothing much left from the novel.

We should not forget that The Millionaire Detective is a Novel adaptation, though most of the Anime does not follow the actual timeline of the Novel.

The very reason of Daisuke joining the Detective Department was to find the killer of his mother. We have now the answer who killed his mother.

Even if there is second season, the basic plot of the Anime won’t be able to follow the Novel and in turn will become a totally different series.

Yes, we will be able to see the “bromance” between Daisuke and Kato but, the Second Season would then contain both of them solving cases related to Allodium. In the end of the First Season we saw both of them trying to catch criminals, and with this we can say that there might be very thin chance of a Second Season.

Let’s Hope so.

The Millionaire Detective Episode 11 RECAP:

We though that the 10th episode of Balance Unlimited already revealed the main culprit behind Daisuke’s mother’s death. But, as we always see in every detective series, a plot twist is what makes it more interesting to watch.

In the beginning of the 11th episode we see that Kato and Daisuke tailing the Blood trail of Shigemaru. They reach a place that even Daisuke’s did not knowledge of.

Later we see that the main culprit is Daisuke’s Grandmother and her Butler, who killed Daisuke’s mother. She did this crime to stop the information about Allodium to go public.

Good news is that the real Shigemaru is alive, but not able to walk and in treatment.

All in all we see a positive outcome of Daisuke’s struggle to find his mother’s killer and having success in that.

Where to Watch:

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