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My Hero Academia Chapter 317 Spoilers Leaks

The way the battle between Deku and Lady Nagant ended was surprising. I thought that Deku will defeat her and persuade her to reveal AFO’s location. But, I think this wasn’t going to be the case.

Well, it’s Deku. What can you expect. He is not only the most powerful of all the future Heroes, he also has good persuasion skills. The persuasion skill is called “love.” His loving and caring nature is what gets many people.

If Nagant doesn’t die or is rendered immobile, then she can be one of the most important asset for the Heroes to defeat AFO. Well, only the upcoming episodes will prove whether this is true?

Let’s look into My Hero Academia Chapter 317 Spoilers & Discussion.

Chapter 316 Recap

Lady Nagant is falling and Hawkes’ is trying to catch her. But, his wings are still not powerful enough to handle the weight. Deku comes to the rescue and extends his Black Whip.

Though he is successful in decreasing the impact of falling, Deku seems to experience intense after all this fight and using Black Whip. Hawkes’ on the other hand is trying to extract information from Nagant about AFO.

He urges to remember what AFO said and where are they hiding. After seeing how hard Deku and Hawkes’ are trying to save everyone from AFO, she is astonished. She cannot believe why these Heroes are not like her? Why these Heroes haven’t fallen into despair as she did years back? What is behind this drive?

After learning the reason, she uses her last drop of energy and reveals AFO’s plans. Everything she says was loud enough, and even Deku was able to hear it clearly.

After the final scream, Lady Nagant is not in a state to speak. And, then after some time we see All Might hurriedly arriving in the spot, trying to learn about Deku’s status.

Next we see Endeavor calling for Police and Ambulance.

Then the whole scene switches to when the Heroes are trying to penetrate AFO’s safe-house.

It seems he had already left with the other Villains. And, he knew that Nagant would leak information. So, before leaving the mansion, he left a holographic image, where he record himself giving lecture about how society treats someone with distrust if something is unordinary.

He reveals that while he was in jail, he always thought about Deku, and, now all of his interest lies with Deku and not All Might.

Chapter 316 ends with a big explosion in the mansion. It’s not clear whether the Heroes are safe or they got caught in the explosion too.


Here are the spoilers:

  • Chapter 317 name is: “Wounds, Blood, Mud.”
  • Chapter opens with Deku’s face showing he has eye bags and looks extremely tired.
  • The Heroes have reunited. They escaped unhurt from the explosion.
  • Edgeshot suggests asking Nagant again for more information about AFO, but Hawkes’ refuses given that she is heavily injured. Edgeshot also suggest to reveal OFA’s secret to every Hero to form a unified search group. They should focus on giving Deku help.
  • The exodus of Heroes continue. Death arms have left being a Hero. We see a flashback of him taking his Hero costume down. He says that recently people’s skepticism for Heroes have increased out of bounds. And, in the end he is still a Human.
  • We are again back to the present day. They comment that many Heroes are giving up and some of them are even leaking information to the media. And, if people come to know that Deku has OFA, all the negativity will be directed towards him.
  • Mt. Lady asks why hasn’t AFO revealed this information to the public, to which Endeavor replies that he must have some reason.
  • Endeavor has a missed call from Shouto. On the other hand, Hawkes’ has also received a message from All Might about a hired Villain sent towards Deku. Deku has defeated the Villain and is seen lifting the Villain with his Black Whip.
  • While Deku is claiming his victory over the hired Villain, All Might is standing behind him with a worrying face. He tries to hand over a bento box to him, but Deku refuses. He says to All Might to not to follow him anymore.
  • All Might tries to argue, but, Deku says that he can already move like All Might. That’s why All Might doesn’t have to worry anymore.
  • All Might understood the reason why Deku said these things. He doesn’t want All Might to get involved in this mess. But since All Might has sworn to raise & protect Deku, he screams, “wait!” again, but Deku moves on.
  • All Might blames himself for all this, and thinks that he should have said Deku to stop being hard on himself.
  • We see a panel where Stain is listening to their conversation.
  • The next panel shows how citizens are talking about Deku. They describe him as someone who moves without sound and has multiple quirks. Some other explained that the person(Deku) saved people and has his body covered in wounds, blood, and mud.
  • The last panel shows Deku body unleashing Black Whip to which the citizens said: “I heard that he doesn’t look like a Hero at all.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 317 will officially release on June 20th. Hence, we still have 2-3 days left before the Spoilers start to come out. But, the speculations are at full swing.

Of course the Heroes will survive, but, the ending of Chapter 316 have sounded alarm about Deku’s future. Now that All Might is out of commission, AFO has his eyes only on Deku. And, why won’t he be? Deku is the one to inherit OFA..

I’m already smelling a severe battle between these two.

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