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My Hero Academia 300 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Is the Great War over? It’s certainly not. Many Heroes have died and many are nowhere to be found. On the other hand many pro heroes are dead too. In one word, it’s a complete mess. After everything subsided, the end result of the war was more horrific than anything that has ever happened in My Hero Academia. What shocked many people was the death of Midnight. Now, AFO is making his move. What will happen now? With this let’s look into My Hero Academia 300 Spoilers and other Leaks.

Chapter Discussion [Pre-Release]

Hawks’ Past

From the beginning of his career, Hawks has always been a mysterious guy, very little is known about his family and background. And, in Chapter 299, we learned why such is so.

Hawks’ past reveals the hardships of a child with abusive parents. Though, he was lucky enough to have a Mother who was more cooperative than his Dad. In one of the Past Chapters before the War begun, a kid Hawks’ was shown surrounded by Government Authorities. It was the time when Hawks’ was recruited as a future Hero.

But, here’s the irony. Hawks’ “Abusive” Dad was later captured by Endeavor and we know how Endeavor is when it comes to being a Dad. Dabi’s reveal is one of such example. But, it seem Hawks’ seen Endeavor as Dad-like figure and the end panel of Chapter 299 suggests something similar. A kid Hawks’ holding a Endeavor toy and a Hero Hawks’s planning to rescue Endeavor.

But, there is always a reason why a Chapter is dedicated to a single character. Hawks’ main power is his wings, and without it, he is almost nothing. Now, that his Wings are burnt, he has to push himself to return to his usual form.

And, the last page of the Chapter shows something similar will happen.

Hawks’ Back In Action

After Hawks’ went down in a fight, many thought that he was dead. And, after the War settled, it was almost confirmed that among the dead heroes, Hawks’ will be one of them. But, Chapter 299 changes everything.

The whole chapter was credited to his Past and how he was raised from being an abused kid to one of the most powerful Hero in the society.

undeniably Hawks and Best Jeanist are the only Heroes who are in good shape. If too much happens, that there is a possibility that more Heroes will have to come.

But, the War has completely changes after AFO’s escape from Tartarus. Things will be interesting on how AFO takes this opportunity and how the Heroes react.


The Spoilers are here, and most of the Chapter is filled with Endeavor and his family.

  • Chapter name is “Todoroki-kun’s Family Hell 2”.
  • Endeavor wakes up, and he is crying after recalling Shouto in such condition.
  • Stain appears and he is against the idea of setting the Villains free.
  • Some Pro Heroes are declaring Retirement.
  • Rei Todoroki is talking her heart out like she expects Shoto to answer everything.
  • There is a possibility that Endeavor will retire.
  • Pro Hero Yoroi Musha retires.
  • It seems the Civilians have lost faith on Heroes as they are arming themselves.
  • Rei meets Endeavor. They both talk and Rei says have to talk about their family and Touya. (This may likely be the end of Chapter)
  • Endeavor refuses to fight Touya and says he cannot fight his own son. After saying this, he starts crying and says: “I May Be Alive, But, I’m Not Endeavor Anymore.”
  • Rioters have started chanting the question: ” What Does It Mean To Be A Hero?”
  • It seem Frog is Endeavor’s doctor.
  • A Panel shows a terrifying visual of Dabi.
  • Endeavor still looks Dabi as his son and declines to accept him as a Villain.
  • Rei convinces Endeavor to stop crying.
  • Rei looks fierce.
  • Chapter ends with: “Now Is The Time When The Path Of Being A “Father” And A “Hero” Crosses.”

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