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Fire Force 253 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Dr. Giovanni has proven himself as someone who can go to any extent to destroy someone else’s life. After taking control of Yu’s body, he inserted the key into Amaterasu, hence, jumpstarting the Second Great Cataclysm. Things are not going as expected as Vulcan’s technique has entirely failed against Dr. Giovanni. Well, let’s see what happens in Fire Force 253 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

Chapter Discussion [Pre-Release]

Will Arthur Fight Dragon Again?

Arthur considers himself as a Great Knight. And, for him, defeating a Dragon is something that he can never miss. Hence, when others were fighting Charon, Arthur was sitting and waiting for Dragon to appear.

And, the moment Dragon made his appearance, he was ready to unleash everything he had.

In previous Chapter, we saw how Hinawa redirected the fire blast from Charon towards Dragon. There is a chance that Dragon is injured, but this incident did not satisfy Arthur and he was rather disappointed.

For a Knight, the defeat of enemy by his own hands is the only way he can accept defeat, and Arthur knows this very well.

The End Is Near?

After Dr. Giovanni inserted the key into Amaterasu, suddenly an object appeared having 8 legs. The 8 legs designate the 8 Pillars that were important for the Great Cataclysm.

Now, that the White-Clads have completed their final job of awakening the second Great Cataclysm, does that mean the Earth is done for?

In the final panel of Chapter 252, we saw that whole Earth was engulfed into flame. This is a clear indication that things have turned out for the worse and only Shinra and other Pillars can do something to fix this.

One thing is for sure. Shinra and Sho will not give up so easily and will try to break away from the ongoing process. Hence, it’s upto to Shinra when he gets his consciousness back and stop the mayhem.


The spoilers are here and things are not looking good:

  • Everything is on Fire after a Giant eyeball is facing towards Earth. Maybe the eye is representing Sun.
  • The Fire Soldiers are trying to evacuate the citizen into a safe place.
  • Vulcan is trying to find Yu, but, he is nowhere to be found.
  • Half of the Planet of already at flames.
  • The Eight-Pillars are representing eight different emotions.
  • One of the Fire Soldier is killed by an infernal.
  • The infernal is a doppelganger of Pan Ko Pat.

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