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One Piece Episode 978 Release & Discussion

The Wano War is at the doorstep. Everything is perfectly set, and the situation is also ripe.

Kanjuro’s revelation has shocked the Anime watchers more than the Manga readers for sure. Before the revelation, even I the manga reader was waiting with a baited breath as to how piercing will it be?

And, I must admit, it has shocked me to the core, though I knew what would unfold.

Well, there is nothing much to talk about this situation and we can only wait for One Piece Episode 978 to release.

Episode 978 Recap

The episode starts with Orochi getting shocked from the information he has got. He has chills all over his body after learning that Toki’s powers were true. Kaido on the other hand doesn’t care.

But, he surely shows some respect to the spy passing this information. And, then we again get the black & while flashback of how the spy became one.

Scene switches to Kin’emon and the pack. Kin’emon is completely heartbroken after seeing that not only the whether condition was worse, Luffy and the other Samurai were not responding.

It’s this moment that Kiku raising the question about the plans being leaked again and again. This same pattern followed when Oden and the Red Scabbards made a secret plan to attack Kaido.

Kin’emon doesn’t want to face the truth, but, Kiku is adamant. She cannot accept the fact that their plans are getting leaked repeatedly. But, Kin’emon leaves Momonosuke with Shinobu and leaves towards Onigashima. The others also join him.

After some drama, Kanjuro reveals that he is the spy who was passing information to Orochi. He has been waiting for this moment and he doesn’t have any other ambition.

We see Kin’emon and others reacting to Kanjuro’s revelation. Kin’emon rage is out of control and he asks why did he do so? Then Kanjuro reveals that his full name is Kurozumi Kanjuro.

That was enough to understand the very basic reason behind his revenge. He only wanted the destruction of Kozuki and anyone who tortured them.

By now Kin’emon was out of his mind and just slashed Kanjuro’s head in half. Most of them thought he died, but it was only his art.

It’s later revealed that Kanjuro is great at art and he was just making everyone believe that he was a complete novice. He grabs Momonosuke from Shinobu and then plans to run away. But, his plans goes south when Luffy, Law and Kid suddenly appear out of nowhere and start attacking Kaido’s army.

Episode ends with Luffy, Kid and Law getting ready to rain hell on Kaido’s army.

Release Date

The latest episodes of One Piece releases every Saturdays. Episode 978 will release on June 12th, at 5:30 PM.

The traitor has been finally revealed. But, not everything is lost. Luffy is back with not only his ship, but also with Kid and Law. Things are getting heated up, but, Kanjuro is problem in this too.

He will leak even this information to Orochi and Kaido.

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