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Does Takemichi Become Strong? When Will Takemichi Learn To Fight?

I was quite excited when Tokyo Revengers got an Anime announcement. I immediately went to Reddit to find how manga readers were thinking about this! What I read in most comments, though hilarious, were mostly accurate! Manga readers were explaining the striking similarity between Takemichi and Subaru(Re: Zero). And, what came into my mind? “Welp! guess I’m not the only one who thinks this way!”

The Anime got released and questions started popping on various community platforms regarding whether Takemichi was ever going to become strong? Was he later going be the badass protagonist who breaks all barriers and defeats his enemies? Or should he awaken the demonic strength after something really fu**ed-up?

The Anime never answered this questions since it only covered a minor portion of the manga, but, for manga readers things are as clear as day. So, today, in this post, I’ll explain whether Takemichi will ever become strong in future? And some other questions related to this same question!


Takemchi The Cliche’d Protagonist!

As I said before, Takemichi has a striking similarity with Subaru. But, from what I think Subaru has the power to die and return again, but in this case Takemichi doesn’t have anything like that!

Coming back to the topic. Why did I call Takemichi the “Cliche’d Protagonist?” In general, Manga stories portray protagonist as a weakling in the beginning. Now, what happens with the lead character after is anybody’s guess.
He might become strong gradually (Rimuru, SLIME), by experiencing a shock (Naofumi, The Rising of The Shield Hero), born strong and intelligent (Shin, Wise Man’s Grandchild) or stay almost as the way he was in the beginning (Subaru, Re: Zero). In Tokyo Revengers’ case, the main character’s growth fits more perfectly with Re: Zero.

Tokyo Revengers Draken
Mikey & Draken

And, this characteristics irked many first-time watchers of the anime. To hide Takemichi’s weakness as a protagonist, the mangaka used the forceful implementation of emotion and tears to show desperation and helplessness. Even this weakness could have been accepted if he tried to powerfully break away from and trained hard to climb up the stairs of strength!

Iruma (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun) is a classical example of this situation. Though in human realm he was weak and suffered immensely, he is trying hard to overcome it and climb up the stairs to become the Demon King. I recall a quote I read somewhere, or maybe it just came to me: Having Weakness Is Not The Issue, Staying Weak Is!

And, that’s the way Takemichi has been from the very beginning till now! He has experienced almost no growth. His major weapon is his intense desperation and a face full of tears. I might be complaining, but, sadly this becomes more relevant when you read the manga.

Can Takemichi Beat Kisaki?

A hot question even I got when I first started reading Tokyo Revengers manga! Among the two, who is the stronger one? Here is the fun part – Both of them are weak physically! When Kisaki first introduced himself, Takemichi lost his cool and hit Kisaki. The punch was hard, at least for Kisaki! But, Kisaki too landed a tight hit on Takemichi. Hence, these two guys clashing is not something that happened suddenly!

But, who is stronger when the situation took an extremely serious turn?
Both of them are almost equally strong in physical strength! That’s the irony! While Kisaki is a genius at intellect, Takemichi executes most of his decision haphazardly, unplanned and in desperation. But, here too we cannot blame Takemichi as he had no time to plan anything.

On the other hand, Kisaki had planned everything since years. In this case too, Kisaki was 10-steps ahead of Takemichi! Writing anything further than this would reveal too much. Especially if you’re coming after watching the Anime!

Read the content below for the last battle between Kisaki and Takemichi

Can Takemichi Become Stronger Than Mikey?

While searching about questions related to Takemichi, I stumbled upon this question. “Can/Will Takemichi become stronger than Mikey?”

I don’t want to be rude, but isn’t it more obvious by now? The manga is headed towards the end, and there has been almost no development in this aspect. It’s as if time has just stopped for Takemichi when it comes to his physical strength aspect.

Or, I can be more generous and say that the poor guy never got a chance to become physically strong? From the very beginning since this whole mayhem of travelling between past and present started, Takemichi has been entirely engaged in saving his friends. Who knows maybe if he got enough time for gym, he might have become stronger?

Tokyo Revengers Mikey

Coming to the main question about whether Takemichi can beat Mikey?
See, when it comes to physical strength, it’s a no-brainer! Until now, there is hardly anyone who has ever matched Mikey’s strength. Hence, there’s no question of comparison between these two!

Now, looking into the other side of the coin, Mikey is terribly weak in terms of mental strength. Yes, he is quite good at hiding his emotions, but the bull-headed mentality like that of Takemichi is hardly present in Mikey! Mikey is the latest trigger for Takemichi to travel through time, and it kicked in when Mikey was crying of desperation!

Does Takemichi Ever Become Strong?

Despite being physically frail, Takemichi is famous among gangs. The reason? His dedication towards whatever he does! This thing is absent is most members who join a gang. Even if they show great strength and dedication in the beginning, when the real time comes, they just choose to chicken out!

Incidentally, the latest battle among gang members is also because of Takemichi. They just want him in their gang! Hence, I’ll keep this short and say that Takemichi has already made his impression about being physically weak, but mentally strong.

Other than that there’s no reason for any gang to take a member as physically weak as Takemichi!

What Is Takemichi’s Strength?

After this long post, it’s almost crystal clear that Takemichi is weak when it comes to physical constitution! Then in what area is he strong? Or is he, if I’m allowed to say? the weakest protagonist in a manga series?

No, here is why I used the word “cliche” at the very beginning! When you see the lead character with a weak physical body, he will surely be strong mentally. And, Takemichi is not the only one following this order! The most famous among all of them is Subaru from Re: Zero, and Bojji from “Ranking of Kings.”

If you haven’t watched Ranking of Kings, I suggest you do. You won’t regret!

Coming back, Takemichi being mentally strong is not just my saying! From Chapter 1 to the latest one, he has messed up almost everything. Yet, somehow he succeeded albeit some crucial deaths! And, if you follow the manga, then you know who is the latest important character to die? And, even in such great loss, Takemichi stood held his head high!

If all these anomalies couldn’t break his determination, then I don’t think there’s anything that can! And his bull-head mentally fills the gap in his lack of physical prowess!

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