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Who Will Iruma End-Up With? Will It Be Ameri Or Clara?

Iruma’s life as Human in the Demon Realm is far better than as a Human in the Human Realm. As if he has got a second life. Now that our boy is climbing the stairs of popularity and success in the Demon Realm, like moths to flame, girls are getting attracted to him. But, he is not interested in most of them!

Who do you think Iruma will end-up with? In this post, I will try to explain and also provide some proofs about the girl he is going to end-up with! Ready? LET’S GOOO!


Was Iruma Ever Interested In Love Matters?

Iruma was 14 when he first visited the Demon realm. And, for a boy who spent most of his early life escaping death, having interest in romance and finding love is unnatural! It’s a natural Human tendency to secure peace at first before moving onto something more complex, like love, etc.

On top of that, Iruma also never experienced a life that’s normal for most children. Making friends, etc. His sinful parents never let him experience it. Also, we hardly know anything about his life before his days in the Demon realm.

Well, now that he has grown up a bit more and his life is far more easygoing and peaceful, he is slowly showing interest in romantic love(read chapter 180). About time our Boy becomes a Man!

Friendly Relationship With Clara

After getting into the Demon realm, Clara was Iruma’s first female friend. How their friendship began is beautiful and sad at the same time! Iruma accepted Clara as a friend despite her being so air-headed and noisy. That triggered a deep sense of respect within Clara.

But, time to time, Clara has showed signs of jealousy when Ameri tried to come closer to Iruma. Though she considers Iruma as her best friend, she is shy when things turn out to be pretty odd. Like when wicked Iruma ordered her to sit on his lap. Her shyness was beyond anything we had ever seen.

welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun Clara
Clara’s Goofy Personality

The time when Iruma and Alice visited Clara’s home, she did everything to stop Iruma from seeing her childhood photos. Although Clara’s personality is in noway suitable for being Iruma’s partner, she has a deep feminine side that’s hidden most of the time. And how can we forget her lullaby?

Will Iruma Fall For Clara?

It would be really easy to answer if the question was reversed – “Will Clara Fall for Iruma?”
There’s 100% chance that Clara already does have romantic emotions for Iruma. Though she never let real emotion come out. Her answer to whether she would like to see Iruma as her husband was written all over her face. She once tried to seduce Iruma. Though it was in the tournament, she was successful in executing it. Seducing won’t be the correct word to say, more like she charmed him.

That shows that Clara does have the capability. Onto the real question whether Iruma will fall for Clara? Unfortunately, I don’t think the Iruma x Clara ship will ever sail! Iruma does consider Clara as a very close friend but would he ever see her with romantic eyes? I doubt!

Growing Relationship With Ameri

Iruma’s entrance in Ameri’s life is like sugar added into water. Ameri being the water, Iruma has turned her from grumpy, tasteless personality to lovable and sweet. In the beginning Iruma was scared because she is the president and if it’s revealed that he is a human the result could be catastrophic.

But as time went by, they came closer and Ameri finally accepted her romantic feelings for him. She is the only female in the manga who has accepted her feelings for Iruma. The only one left is Clara.

If you’re here after watching the Anime, then there’s a pleasant surprise for you! The manga has progressed way ahead of the anime hence, things are on fire! An image below will cheer you up more!

Does Iruma End-Up With Ameri?

Does Iruma end-up with Ameri?

Yes, it’s highly likely that Iruma will end-up with Ameri until something really bad happens! The way things are progressing in the manga, they both have indirectly accepted each other as their better half.
It’s as if fate is helping them come closer to each other.

If you ask me personally, then I absolutely ship them. Though I would be a bit sad about Clara, but, these two guys have a chemistry that’s almost perfect! For making things more spicy for the anime watchers, look at the image below:


What do you thing happened with Iruma? Confession? Very close but, No! Iruma revealed to Ameri that he wants to “know her more.” Read Chapter 180 for the detailed information. For me, it’s the best chapter so far. So, after all these incidents, if you still think Iruma won’t end-up with Ameri, please comment. I would really like to know your view.

Will He End-Up Having A Harem?

Now, here’s a different scenario too. I don’t want to be rude, but if this series ends up getting a Harem ending, it would be nothing but a disaster! Fortunately for now, I’m not seeing this happening since there aren’t many girls who want Iruma as their partner.

Ameri and Clara are the center characters when it comes to Iruma’s romantic interest. But let’s take a step further and also include other girls who have shown some interest in Iruma!

Notably there are three girls who have been in close association with Iruma and have some emotion for him. The first one is Elizabetta. Second it’s Kerori and the Third one, the latest in the list, is Kerori’s younger sister Chima.

welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun Chima

Unlike Ameri and Clara, Chima’s crush towards Iruma is more innocent than romantic! She respects Iruma after the incident when he saved her from getting severely hurt. Her getting admission into Babyls is the only reason. To come closer to Iruma.

But, does that mean Chima has a chance? Most unlikely so! Though Ameri considers her a rival(and it’s hilarious!) Iruma doesn’t take Chima as his partner. Though he hasn’t ever revealed what he things of her, I have a feeling that he most likely thinks of her as a cute junior than someone having a “partner” potential.

Elizabetta will more likely end-up with Lied. Though she has never said anything about him directly, but that’s what’s mostly going to happen! Hence, the least who has a chance is Elizabetta.

Worst Case Scenario?

After all this “romantic love” talk, you surely aren’t in a mood to look into the worst case scenario aren’t you? But, just for the sake, let’s think out of the box. What could be the worst thing to happen if things go haywire? We have already got a slight taste of what happens when things go out of hand. The first was when Babyls was under threat, the second was with the theme park incident!
Yes, Iruma emerged as the Hero in both case, but by only a slight margin.

I have some theories that, if came true, will surely change the story to be more serious and less “funny.”

  • First : Iruma cannot marry a demon, because there’s some king of law.
  • Second : Demons and Humans cannot bear a child. If they did, either the father or the mother might die.
  • Third : Iruma ends-up with someone who hasn’t yet been introuced.
  • Fourth : Iruma forgets everything and returns to the human realm (the least likely event)
Iruma x Ameri

We are pretty familiar with the Harem route. Lately many mangaka have been taking this as the best way to end their manga. Though I won’t focus on why they are taking the Harem route more than focusing on a single character.

There could also be a different scenario that’s possible in a manga like this one! What’s worse than a Harem route? The character just doesn’t marry or chooses their life partner due to some reason! The reason could be anything! Iruma kun’s life for now is pretty merry and funny, but the series also has Devils who are hell-bent to destroy this peace. In the past chapters(also in the anime) we have seen how evil Devils have tried to destroy Babyls. Though they failed, that doesn’t mean they won’t try harder the next time.

Is there anything you think that’s more probable if the situation gets to “WORST?” Comment below! Let’s strike a conversation!

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