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Black Clover 279 Spoilers and Raw Scans.

Now that two of the three Dark Triads are down, only Dante is left. Though it is not clear whether Vanica and Zenon have really being defeated, there is a faint hope. Asta is still trying to control his devil, and on the other hand the other Knights are coming in hard on Spade Kingdom. Chapter 278 followed the same feat as most of the past chapters has been following. Dante dealt a heavy injury from Jack who was laying on the ground helpless. With this, let’s look into Black Clover Chapter 279 Spoilers and Raw Scans.


Initial Spoilers are out, and things are not looking good for the Clover Knights.

  • Chapter Title is “Gateway to Hell.”
  • A Panel shows Mereoleona celebrating her victory, and, the Demon is burning in the background. The people are shocked to see her power.
  • A different panel shows Dr. Morris and the Tree of Qliphoth.
  • An another panel shows Dr. Morris possessing Devil’s power. It seems a mixture of Dante’s and Vanica’s Devil powers.
  • A Devil appears having a ominous aura. The Devil is powerful enough to shock Jack and Nacht. There is a chance that the Devil’s name is Burumede, but, not confirmed.

These are some of the scattered leaks as of now. This page will be arranged in chronological order as soon the final leaks appear.

Discussion [Pre-Release]

Nacht’s Upgraded Form

After Zenon took Yami and William away, Nacht was the only one to save them. Looking closely, it is just because of Nacht that everyone now knows about the tree of Qliphoth.

And, now that he is face to face with Dante, his real power is shown. After using his Gravity Magic, only Nacht was able to counter it effectively. And, Dante tried to kill Jack by taking this opportunity.

As we know, Nacht has already deployed one of his devil for Asta, and again, he has unleashed a new one. Who knows how many of them are actually there in total.

Jack’s Determination

Jack finally gets the screen-time he always deserved. This the first time, we come to see Jack’s past, and how he developed the likeness for Knight.

And, after this reveal, now we understand that why Jack and Yami are best friends. From his childhood Jack was fond of growth. But, it was his father, with his conservative attitude who indirectly stopped him.

And, just after few “insults” Jack wakes up and slashes Dante. How cool is that?

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