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Black Clover Episode 165 Release Date & Time

The War has officially begun against the Spade Kingdom and Episode 164 has notched the bar even more higher. Episode 164 showcased how powerful Yami has become after months of training. On top of that we also get to learn the sinister plan of the Dark Triads. Yami’s growth is something that we were always expecting, but, growth of such intensity is always welcome. Even Asta and others have trained quite hard to achieve this feat. With this let’s look into Black Clover Episode 165 Release Date, Time and some Discussions.

Episode 164 Recap

Dante’s Sinister Plan

After Yami has landed a powerful slash on Dante, everyone thought that Dante is either dead or will now be captured. But, this is the Dark Triads we are talking about. They are infamous for there monstrous strength, and it seems that the rumors were true.

But, that’s not the only thing we should be concerned with as of now. Dante reveals the real reason why the Spade Kingdom decided to attack the Clover Kingdom. The Dark Triads are planning to create the Tree of Qliphoth that will let the monster from the underworld enter the Human Realm.

And, why is he doing this? To get his “Madness” fulfilled, and mess up the World.

But, the very reason why they have attacked particularly the Clover Kingdom is because, the Tree of Qliphoth needs someone with Dark Magic and World Tree Magic at Arcane Stage to activate and connect the passage between demons and humans.

It’s unfortunate that Willaim is already captured, and now, we have to see how long Yami battle against Dante, and when will Asta wake up.

Charmy Is Undervalued

Yes, you read that right, our “Gluttony Queen” is pretty undervalued. In normal circumstances, we see her laying around, only eating, but, when it comes to countering ominous villains, her real power wakes up.

In episode 164, she unleashed her Fox Warrior. The first time we saw her using this was during the invasion of the elves.

But, what’s funny is the way the Fox defeated the villain. Making Noodles off hair? LOL 😂

Finally, we see how powerful Leopold has become as he was also able to defeat a Dark Disciple. But, comparing to others it felt as if Leopold was lacking decision making and wrapped up everything with a large scale attack.

Enter Vanica

We have already seen two of the three Dark Triads making their move and showing-off their power. But, Vanica was missing from the scene when all this happened.

Episode 164 ended with Vanica finally appearing in front of Lolopechika and Noelle. Though Vanica is one of the Dark Triads, she should face some difficulties fighting three people at once.

And, if Gaja enters the battle, then Vanica better make a run for it.

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 163 will Release at 1:25 AM(PDT) on Tuesday, February 23. The name of the next Episode is “Water Crusade.” Yami is already fighting against Dante and now it’s time for Vanica to get her part of beating.

Black Clover is ending is very near and it seems it will finish with a bang. When do you think Black Clover will resume?

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