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My Hero Academia Chapter 319 Spoilers Leaks

You see, that’s the problem of being a guy who doesn’t think of himself at all. In most cases these types of guys end up being the one who suffers the most.

And, this applies in Deku’s situation too! We should not forget that he still is just a kid carrying responsibilities of an adult. Inheriting OFA surely changed his life, but “With Power Comes Great Responsibilities.”

But, thanks to his friends, Deku can now take a break and just rest. Chapter 318 ending filled our hearts with all the enthusiasm we needed. If Bakugo didn’t come, who knows, maybe Deku would have been captured by now.

Let’s see what My Hero Academia Chapter 319 Spoilers and Leaks has for us.

Chapter 318 Recap

If you have read the chapter, it must be sure by now who the focus of this chapter is. As Deku is still moving forward with his dogged determination, his body is giving up.

In the end, how long can an injured body handle so many hits and also overuse of OFA? He fought against Shigaraki, he fought all those Villains continuously, and now in search of AFO, he is fighting countless Villains.

The fight against Lady Nagant also pushed his physical body to its limits. On the other hand he is also hungry. Our boy is being too hard on himself.

The previous users of OFA are also worried about Deku’s present condition. But, it seems not all of them are as worried. All Might tried to stop him in the previous chapters, but he simply ignored him and moved on ahead.

But, the most unexpected happened at the end of the Chapter. It seems Bakugo is here and is having a live conversation with other students. By looking at his face, it didn’t look like his is angry or something, only aware of Deku’s condition.

I’m sure, the next Chapter we will see Todoroki and others arriving at the spot. Maybe, we will also see a more matured Bakugo.

Fingers crossed!!


  • CH319 Title: “Friend.”
  • Everyone from Class 1A arrive at the scene.
  • Shouto and Bakugo are discussing that Deku is probably with Endeavor and the other Pro Heroes. Iida suggests to call them, but none of them are picking up their phones.
  • Shouto says that the Heroes must be busy, but, they are also getting a feeling that the Heroes are hiding something. Jiro also says that even All Might hasn’t come back yet.
  • Classes are not going on as usual and their promotion to 2nd year has been halted. Most probably after the incident.
  • But, Bakugo senses that Deku and the other Heroes are hiding something and says that if Deku was so afraid to go back to U.A then there’s no way he went only to leave the letters. Hence, he surely must be working with All Might and others.
  • Class A decide to contact Endeavor, but they have no idea how. A few days later, we see Endeavor in Nezu’s room.
  • Shouto asks Endeavor about the all the calls he has been ignoring. He re-confirms whether Endeavor has forgotten about stopping Toya. Endeavor responds that he hasn’t forgotten anything.
  • Shouto goes on asking another question. He asks why they have been letting Deku and All Might by themselves. Bakugo interrupts and says that there is no one who knows Deku better than him.
  • According to Bakugo, Deku is the craziest guy who seldom thinks about his own good. Also, since All Might used to be that way too, he is failing to stop Deku. The two should not have stayed together for now.
  • Endeavor takes out his phone and Sero asks whether it’s a GPS? Next page we see Sero, Hagakure, Mineta and Kouda rushing and taking phone from Endeavor’s hand.
  • They start talking about Deku and how they have become very goods friends in just one year. They understand the burden of controlling OFA. But, they won’t be happy again if their friend chooses to walk a path full of difficulties.
  • Nezu tells them that they all grown have so much. He agrees and instructs them to team up to help Deku and the Top 3 Heroes. Deku is the one who needs the most support because it’s him who is being targeted.
  • Nezu also tells that Deku is always welcomed in U.A whenever he wants to join, but, Endeavor is against this idea. It’s because of all the citizens who are taking shelter.
  • Nezu says that it won’t be any problem as they have upgraded the barriers for the Culture Festival.
  • We then move on to Kamino’s ground zero. Dictator has been defeated and the civilians are now free.
  • Deku is confused after learning that his friends are here. Ochako says they all were worried about him. Deku responds that he is okay.
  • Deku requests them to get away from him. Bakugo in return starts schooling him, saying of course the “Great inheritor of OFA” would be okay. But then he asks him if he’s really smiling right now?
  • Deku says that he’s doing what’s necessary to keep their smiles safe. That’s why he has to be left alone. He again asks them to move away.
  • This irks Bakugo and he then call Deku “All Might Copycayt,” and then says that he will have to take them out himself. Iida and Ochako are by his side saying that it will take some work to change Deku’s mind.

It seems the Mangaka has taken break after quite a long time. My Hero Academia Chapter 319 will officially release on 11th July. But, no need to fret. The spoilers are usually out way before the chapters are released officially.

For now, the only way to learn are the different speculations revolving the internet forums.

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