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Does Mai Die In Jujutsu Kaisen? Is Her Death Confirmed?

Does Mai die in JJK? The series has taken a insanely brutal turn after Geto unleashed the curses.

And as we all know there’s bound to be casualties when a War breaks out!

So, today I’ll try to explain whether Mai dies in Jujutsu Kaisen, and if she can come back?


Mai is Dead!!

It’s hard to believe, yes, but it’s not that she died out of some vague reason. It might shock you, but the person who killed Mai was her dad!

This dude was grumpy all his life just because he couldn’t have a son! Staying grumpy is a different thing, but killing his own daughter is complete evil! But, finally he got the most required pill.

Even though Mai couldn’t overpower her dad, it was Maki who finished him.

Mai’s Sacrifice

As I said before, this battle between Father & Daughter was taking a more serious turn with every hit Maki received. As if she wasn’t already suffering from third-degree burns.

To be precise, everything happened quickly. Mai intercepted the situation and it was clear as a day that Maki would lose. There was no time to think, Maki was out of weapons and needed one desperately.

Hence, Mai churned out every single drop of cursed energy she had to make a weapon. This whole process put a huge toll on Mai’s body and she collapsed. Thus, ending her life.

But, you might still ask, why did it kill her? The weapon she created was not an ordinary one! Also, it was created from nothingness.

Jujutsu Kaisen Mai Zenin
Mai Fires The Final Bullet

Recall the “Goodwill Event Arc,” when these two sisters went against each other?
Mai was only able to create one bullet, and that too took huge toll on her body. And here, the situation was completely different.

Mai was already injured, and after clashing against her father, her condition became worse.
On top of that, who knows, she might have already used her technique to create a bullet while fighting against her father.

And now she pushed herself so hard that her body had no option but to collapse.

The Consequences!

Though Maki never showed it, she loved her sister a lot! In fact the two were unseparable when they were kid!

But, thanks to their lunatic, power-hungry dad, the sister had to part ways. Only because Maki didn’t have cursed energy! In a way she sacrificed her position and went away so that Mai can get all the “good things” from the clan!

Maki’s Sorcerer Level

But deep inside Maki was in rage. She wanted to take revenge from her clan and wanted to show them here capability!

And Mai’s death was the last line for her! She went-on to a killing-spree. After killing her dad, she killed everyone who moved to stop her. She didn’t even spare her mom! That simply shows how enraged she was, and her hate towards the cursed clan!

Can Maki Really Reach Toji’s Level?

The only time we saw Toji in his full-form was when he fought Gojo. He is the only guy who penetrated into Gojo’s “Infinite Layer Protection.”(That’s what I call it!)

That’s more than enough to explain how OP Toji was.

Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo vs Toji
Toji Penetrates Gojo’s Barrier

But, to debate whether Maki can reach his level will produce no conclusion. Maki is still very young to be compared with Toji.

Maybe, in the future, if she progress with dogged determination, she may not only reach Toji’s level, but also surpass him.

So, I’ll leave the answer to your thinking.

Let me know you thought!!

What Is The Mystery Weapon?

Mai created the weapon from emptiness/nothingness. There was no explanation about how she created it! But, one thing struck me when Ogi saw Toji in Maki.

Though, I’m speculating, can this weapon be similar to what Toji carried?

If something like that happens, Maki will get a huge boost as a sorcerer, and who knows, she may even become one of the strongest sorcerer only outclassed by Gojo and Yuta.

Who’s Next After Mai?

Lately, Gege has been killing-off characters so frequently, we as fans are now terrified with every chapter release. Whenever a new chapter arrives, back of the mind the first question is,

Who’s Next?

If you ask me, there is no character left who needs to be killed now. (At least that’s what I think.)

But, I hope that Nobara is okay.

She don’t have to return to the battlefield, but at least knowing she is alive does a lot to calm us.

My take on Nobara’s situation is that she is in critical condition, and may recover after a long time.

Besides, dying, the worst that can happen is her being paralyzed or in coma.

Some Unknown Facts About Mai

Let’s bid farewell to Mai with some of these unknown facts about her:

  • As a person, Mai is not bad, she is just sad that her elder sister broke her promise and left her to suffer.
  • Mai & Maki are twins, so they share cursed energy. (Speculated)
  • Mai is expert at aiming. She hit Nobara from a very long distance.
  • Mai has emotional inclination towards females.
  • Mai likes Junk Food and hates Vegetables.

Here you go, these are some unknown facts about Mai… LOL!!

Gege’s Signal For Jujutsu Kaisen

In a recent interview, the creator of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gege Akutami, revealed that he has plans to end the series by 2023.

Back then, this answer from Gege was not taken very seriously since sometimes insanely famous series like Jujutsu Kaisen and others are extended beyond their scheduled end year.

The reason?

  • Fans are still loving it, and the fanbase is rising.
  • The series has room to expand.
  • It’s a cash-cow.

The above three are the very reason why a series just goes on and on. And, this series in particular has been rising in popularity ever since the anime came out.

I won’t be surprised if Jujutsu Kaisen surpass 100 Million+ copies in circulation within few years, or months.

But, the way Gege is killing-off characters right and left, fans have started questioning whether Gege is still fixed with his schedule to end the series?

The events happening in the series can be described a “fat-cutting.” Meaning, removing the extra fat (unwanted/needless elements) and only focusing on the main content.

Yes, Nanami’s death was in no way acceptable, but, when some extra characters are let go, the series gathers more focus and finally the main thing starts.

And, with every chapter, there is strong indication that the series is gathering steam before unleashing it to us readers.

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