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Does Nobara Kugisaki Die In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Back in Chapter 125 when Mahito critically injured Nobara, one thing came into every fan’s mind: Does Nobara die? Is her death confirmed?

Hence, today I’ll discuss everything I know of the whole situation and the future related to Kugisaki.

With this, let’s dive in…


Is Nobara Kugisaki Dead?

After reading Chapter 125 it was almost sure that she must have died, but in Chapter 127 we can say that there is 50% chance she is alive.

If we try to recall Nobara’s power, she is easily capable to control anyone with her voodoo dolls. For an enemy who is fighting her for the first time, they will underestimate her ability siting that her magic does not have considerable “Fire Power.”

But, what the opponent misses is that Kugisaki is skilled in what she does, and also her intelligence towards the way she uses her magic gives her an edge.

The question still lies! Is she dead or alive?

My prediction is she is alive, but seriously injured.


After Nitta heals Nobara and Itadori, she tells that Nobara does not have any pulse and she isn’t breathing. There are, but, only few chances that she may survive.

Nitta later retreats with Nobara.


In a recent interview, mangaka of Jujutsu Kaisen reply to the question – “Is Nobara Dead or Alive?” have left fans in a stressful situation. Look at the below tweet:


In Chapter 144, we see Itadori asking Megumi about Kugisaki’s status, and the way Itadori reacted filled us with more stress than ever.

Few months ago, Akutami sensei finally talked about Nobara’s condition and even he said, “We still don’t know if Nobara is alive or dead.”

The last time we saw Nobara was in chapter 124, and it’s been many chapters, and yet no report about her status. Let’s see how things turn out in the end.

As the chapters move forward, we see that slowly other characters are revealed. In one of the previous chapters when Yuta was introduced, we came to learn about Inumaki’s situation. In chapter 144, we see that Maki is barely alive, though she has got a scar on her face now.

Most probably, in the future chapters, we will also get to know Kugisaki’s status.

Now that Nitta has retreated with Nobara, who can she save her?

Jujutsu High has a doctor Shoko Ieiri, who is capable enough to bring anyone back to their usual form.

Jujutsu Kaisen Shoko Ieiri
Shoko Ieiri

After Nobara is healed, maybe she will says that the deep scar makes her even more beautiful, given the confident personality she has.

On the other hand Itadori has already suffered immensely, thanks to Sukuna. And now if Nobara dies too, I don’t know how he would react!

But, if she is killed off, it will be a major talent wasted, just to provide the main protagonist and the series a major push ahead.

This scene, is different from when Jiraya was killed in Naruto.

Itadori’s Reaction

Itadori thinks he is responsible for everything that happened to his loved ones! First Kento Nanami and then Kugisaki. But, he doesn’t have any time to sit in a corner and mourn. He has done it once and was overtaken by Sukuna.

Poor guy cannot even mourn for his loved ones!!

Jujutsu Kaisen Mahito

Fortunately he is standing strong and fighting head-to-head against the Curses. And now that the insanely strong Sorcerers (Yuta, Hakari) have joined too, I wonder how strong he will grow as a Sorcerer himself…

Todo & Mahito’s Fate

So after an intense battle against Mahito, Todo has unfortunately lost one arm. And that renders his cursed technique useless.

Sad end for a powerful Sorcerer! Another burden on Itadori’s shoulders!

Eager to know what happened to Mahito in the end? After the fight between Todo ended, Itadori went all-out and gave him no room to launch any powerful attack. In the end the hunter became the hunted and the mangaka explained it great!

Finally in the end Geto suddenly appeared in the middle of the battle and confronted Mahito. He thought that Geto was there to save him, but the polar opposite happened.

Jujutsu Kaisen Geto Kills Mahito
Geto Kills Mahito

Geto killed Mahito and ate him.
Yeah, ate him!

I have mixed feelings for this type of death, but what can we expect from someone who doesn’t have feelings for other being!

What’s your say on this?

Nobara’s Cursed Technique

On paper Nobara’s power is simply voodoo doll magic. But, while facing her opponent, she is terrifying. One touch into her opponent and she will control her enemy.

But, what makes her power even more special is that, she can even hurt her opponent’s soul. More Jujutsu Sorcerers attack the physical body and apply brute force to take down their enemy, but, Nobara can damage both her opponent’s physical body and their soul.

That’s why Mahito was afraid while fighting her. Nobara’s power was damaging the basic core of Mahito’s power.

Mahito’s Cursed Technique

Mahito is younger than Jogo, but, he was powerful enough to fight Nanami and push him to unleash some serious moves.

Mahito’s power is Soul Manipulation.

Mahito is capable of reshaping souls according to his own will. This makes him almost invincible, since most Jujutsu Sorcerers attack the physical body and fail to touch the soul.

This makes Nobara his Natural Enemy. Since, she can directly damage anyone’s soul.


To conclude this entire messed-up scenario. The mangaka has talked about ending the series in 2-3 years. And the fact that he revealed this about one and half years ago, we don’t have much time before the series reaches its conclusion.

So, we must be ready to face whatever Akutami sensei throws at us in the end!!
Either JJK will end by killing most of the sorcerers, or we might see a ray of hope in the end.

If you ask me, I feel the former will happen. Just like Chainsaw Man…

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