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The Irregular At Magic High School: VC Episode 2 Release Date, Watch.

The Irregular At Magic High School is a famous series where we see Shiba Tatsuya and his day to day life as an undercover soldier in a High School. Shiba Tatsuya is called The Irregular because of his in-depth technical knowledge and magical ability that is too unfair and uncommon for a High Schooler. With this let’s have a look into what we have in Episode 2 of the series.

Release Date:

Episode 2 of Visitor Arc will release on Saturday, October 10. This is the Second of Irregular of Magic High School and technically the series is on air again after more than 5 years. This is more than enough to say why the Second Season will be a hit among Fans.

Episode 1 RECAP:

Episode 1 starts with a chase after a suspected arsonist who is using his powers for violence all over the city killing several people. His name is Alfred Formalhaut and is a Military Lt. He is later cornered by USNA soldiers and the he unleashes his Pyrokinetic powers. Though he unleashes his powers, he is unfazed and it seems that he is not under his control.

The commander of USNA shoots him dead.

Though Shields is the military commander of USNA she is just a normal girl in real life. She is tasked in a spy mission after the major attack that took place that wiped off a Navel Base (Watch Season 1). She is tasked with a spying mission because her goofy behavior will make it impossible to suspect her as a spy.

Her first introduction shows her in a dress that instantly reveals her less knowledge about Japanese dressing style.

She introduces herself towards Tatsuya and others and Tatsuya goes on the explain Shields past and why people also call Angelina Shields is Lina.

She later tests Tatsuya by fighting with him. Though she loses easily. We know that she is the commander of USNA but she is powerful only when she is in her suit(Maybe).


All in all there is too much to explain on what happened in the first episode. A lot of things got covered and we all are waiting for the Episode 2 of Second Season.

Watch Visitor Arc:

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The consequences of World War 3 have decreased the world population to 3 billion and led to the creation of a New World Order. Japan is one of the superpowers. The story is set in a parallel history, where magic and technology work together. But, the number of magicians is less because the ability to have magic is determined by genetics. 

The story centers around Shiba Tatsuya and his sister Miyuki. Miyuki is a candidate to succeed the Yotsuba Clan which is one of the 10 Master Clans that govern Japan’s magicians. Miyuki is arguably the best magician in the world and is enrolled as a first-course student at high school. But, Tatsuya is in the second course and is considered to magically weak. But, he has an in-depth knowledge of technical, combat, and unique magic abilities. This incomparable knowledge and thinking lead everybody to think him as an Irregular to the school’s standard rankings.

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