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Talentless Nana Episode 2 Release Date, Prediction, Watch Online.

Talentless Nana is a anime series centered around a girl who does not have any magical powers even though she studies in a school of students with magical powers. This is a new Anime with its first Season and people are already liking for its sudden dark twist. With this let’s look into what we have in Talentless Nana Episode 2.

Talentless Nana Episode 2 Release Date:

Episode 2 named “Time Traveler” will release on Sunday, October 11 (PDT). The end of Episode 1 did not show any preview of the next episode so we are still in the dark about what will happen in Episode 2.

Episode 1 RECAP:

The Episode starts with a hand looking at a phone written “Kill the enemies of humanity, save 10 Million Lives.” Then the next scene we see the class teacher introducing a new student Kyouya Onodera. His appearance is cold and rude towards the students.

And then the next new student for introduction is Nana Hiragi who is late in her first day of school. She is represented as a jolly and caring girl who respects the emotions of people since, she claims that her magical power is reading people’s minds.

She also saves Nanao from being bullied. Nanao is always bullied since, he does not have any magical powers. At least for the beginning of the episode we see that the very reason he is bullied is because he does not have any magical power. Yet, he is admitted into a magical school.

Later he reveals to Nana that it was because his father that he wanted to become a Leader. She encourages him and says that he is actually fit to become a leader because he is humble and cares about people.

There is then a competition for Class Rep selection and it is this when we come to see the magical power Nanao has.

Nanao can neutralize any magic. This is his magical power. You can say that he went full on Asta there. LOL! Well after he reveals his magical power, Nanao was declared as the Class Rep.

The story takes a sudden turn when, Nana pushes Nanao off the cliff to kill him. We come to see a terrifying hidden form of Nana and her intense hatred towards enemies. She suspects that Nanao is an enemy spy and it is good for humanity if he is killed.

In the end we see that Nanao is shocked and falls into the Ocean. We don’t know whether he will die of not. That’s a cliffhanger (Pun Intended) for the next episode.

We did not see any preview of the next Episode, so we don’t know what is going to happen. But, it is sure that Nanao will die, since he is one of the main protagonist.

Episode 2 Predictions:

Since, we saw that Nanao revealing his hidden magical powers, we can be assured that with that he will survive somehow fro drowning.

Nanao being alive will shock Nana for sure, and he will try to prove that he is not an enemy spy. Whatever happens in the next episode we can say that Talentless Nana is going to be a hit among Anime Watchers because of its unique twist.

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About Talentless Nana:

The Monsters attacked Humans and tried bring Humanity to an almost extinction. After the attack, the Monsters came to be known as “The Enemy of Humanity.” As a counter measure, several schools opened up where teenagers with special abilities were trained. Due to there supernatural powers, these students came to known as “The Talented.” The story is centered around the main protagonist Nana, who, unlike the other students do not possess any supernatural powers. But, she is extremely intelligent and with her wit and manipulation she attempts to defeat the enemies.

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