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One Piece Episode 945 Release Date, Prediction, Watch Online.

One Piece is as of now going through the most intense arc of the series. The Wano Arc started years ago and is approaching the final all-out war against the tyrant rule of Kaido. And the sudden addition of Big Mom in the Arc has made the situation even more challenging for the Straw Hats. With this let’s see what we have is One Piece Episode 945.

One Piece Episode 945 Release Date:

One Piece Episode 945 will release on Saturday, September 27 (PDT). The name of the episode is “A Grudge over Red-Bean Soup! Luffy Gets into a Desperate Situation!”.

One Piece Episode 944 Recap:

In the Previous Episodes we saw how Kid and his teammate was hanged upside down under and left to die. It was a desperate situation for Luffy and Queen made it even more hard for Luffy to fight with his neck-lock on.

But, fortunately or maybe unfortunately, Queen’s plan is disturbed by Big Mom who wants nothing but Red Bean Soup.

On the other side, we see Kinemon revealing to Asura that it was him who ordered to steal foods in the name of Atayama Brigade. This angers Asura and he smacks Kinemon to the ground with a hit.

But, Kinemon accepts that it was his fault and he never knew the result would be so drastic.

Since, Asura knew Kinemon since the time of Oden, he forgives him and says to come with him. The revelation that Yasui made a last minute plan to fool Orochi also encourages Asura to forgive Kinemon.

Since the introduction of Queen, we have always seen him in his human form and never in his beast form. But, after Big Mom angers him we for the first time get to see the Beast form of Queen.

Queen’s Beast Form

This if the Beast form of Queen. He is also a dragon, but no like Kaido.

In the end both Queen and Big Mom indulge themselves in fighting hand to hand and Queen is defeated in an instant. Before even the battle between them started, we already knew that Big Mom was going to win. Since, she is powerful enough to fight Kaido and not die.


To conclude, this episode did not have much content and was most probably a minor filler material. But, we can be sure of one crucial thing, that the next episode we will see some new powers from Luffy.

In the teaser of the next episode, we saw how angry Big Mom was after she found out that there was no Red Bean Soup. She goes on to directly attack Luffy and Hyogoro is thrown out of the Sumo Ring. Luffy will surely do something to save Hyogoro from dying.

All together we can saw that One Piece Episode 945 will be a messy as it can get. Well it is One Piece we are talking about. Messy is was we love about this series.

Where to Watch One Piece:

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One Piece is a story centered around Monkey D. Luffy. 20 years ago the King of Pirates Gold Roger was executed. Before dying, as a last words he declared that One Piece was real and encouraged a new Pirate era. Luffy who has a dream to become the Pirate King since his childhood gets to know Shanks Pirates. Shanks who is the leader of the Shanks Pirate hands over Luffy his most favorite Hat.

Luffy grows up and sets out in his journey to become a Pirate King gathering dependable crews one-by-one.

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