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Black Clover 276 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked.

The War against Spade Kingdom has officially begun, and, Knights of Clover Kingdom are ready for a tough battle. Chapter 275 brought to us some surprise when Mereoleona unleashed her new form to counter the Demon of Spade Kingdom. Well, it’s a good head start for Clover Knights and Heart Kingdom, but since it’s just the beginning, we should not yet rejoice. Since Nacht said that someone with Anti-magic can disable Tree of Qliphoth, it’s only Asta who can deliver the final blow. With this let’s look into Black Clover Chapter 276 Spoilers and Raw Scans.


Okay, the Leaks are out. This is how the Leaks translates:

  • Zenon says to Yuno: “How are you Alive?”
  • Yuno says that it is the power of Golden Dawn and instantly goes on to attack Zenon.
  • Zenon unleashes Bone Magic “Absolute Defence” to counter Yuno’s attack.
  • Though Yuno is attacking Zenon, he is questioning Zenon’s ability.
  • Zenon goes on to activate his Devil Form.
  • Langris attacks Zenon with his magic: “Absolute Space”.
  • Zenon says that without him Langris would be the strongest Space Mage, and Langris taunts Zenon saying that it’s been a long time since he met someone with such low-tone voice.
  • After a little chat, Zenon again starts attacking Langris and Yuno with his Bone Magic.
  • Bell unleashes her magic and covers Yuno under a Magical shield.
  • After Bell unleashes her magic, Yuno takes form of a King and his extreme magical presence surprises Zenon. But, Zenon questions whether this magic will really harm him.
  • Yuno suddenly teleport in front of Zenon. Zenon reacts by unleashing his Bone Magic.
  • But, Yuno breaks into his barrier and pierces Zenon’s chest.
  • In the last panel Langris says Yuno: “You really Hate losing to the point of Death.”

Spoiler Discussion [UPDATED]

Yuno’s Insane New Form

When William and Yami were taken, the Black Bulls and Golden Dawn were depressed. Even though Asta was severely injured and his right hand fed to his Devil, he tried to get-off his bed to rescue Yami. Comparatively Yuno was emotionally stable, but filled with vengeance.

Bell, Yuno’s spirit, who is usually chatty and talkative, was resting and accumulating as much magical power she could. That scene gave us a slight hint that something is going to be revealed when Bell unleashes her bottled up magical power. And, the moment has finally come. Zenon and Dante is always is a slumber mood and feels everything tasteless, but Yuno’s magical form was so intense that even Zenon was surprised.

Now, the question is whether this is a temporary form only for extreme situations or something that Yuno can use whenever he wants. Well! This is one the first chapter where we have seen this form and the upcoming Chapters will make everything clear.

Langris is Even More Powerful Now

While the chapter was focused on Yuno, we should not skip Langris. From the very beginning of Black Clover, Langris was represented as someone with great magical strength compared to his age and experience.

But, in Chapter 276, Langris’ ability has doubled or maybe quadrupled relative to how he was before training. Zenon is one of the Dark Triads and getting compliment from one of the Dark Triads shows how powerful Langris has become.

It’s just a wonder how powerful Asta will become when he finally returns.

Is Zenon Dead?

NOPE! The shortest and most direct answer to this question. Zenon and the other two Dark Triads are extremely powerful. We got to see Dante’s capability when he unleashed his full power while fighting Asta and Yami.

And, wandering whether Zenon will be dead with just one hit, that too without showing off his Devil Power is a terrible miscalculation. It’s safe to say that Zenon has got a taste of his overconfidence, and now the real fight will begin. How long the fight will continue is still a question! But, chances are in the end Langris will be down, probably while saving Yuno.

Discussion [Pre-Release]

How long will Asta Take?

This is the hottest question after both the Kingdoms have went to rescue their Captains and Queen. After Nacht forced Asta to fight against his Devil and win, he was thinking 10 steps ahead of everyone. He knew very well that Asta has an unique power that no one has, which will prove to be a game changer.

But, the challenge now is, even though Asta has defeated Liebe and made him his companion, they still don’t have the synchronicity to perform powerful magic. It was only once when Asta and Liebe joined each other when their emotional state matched.

Black Clover Megicula
Megicula : Fandom

How strong is Asta when he is combined with Liebe is still a question, since we haven’t seen it yet. But, the way how Nacht responded, it was quite powerful.

So, When will Asta enter the Battlefield?

Most Mangaka, not only Tabata, keep these moments as a last option. Since Asta is the main Protagonist of the series, he needs to be placed in a special spot. Sort of a Heroic entrance is what Tabata is trying to pull-off.

Hence, the war that Clover Kingdom and Heart Kingdom has started will go on, until almost everyone is defeated. And it’s my guess that only in the last moment will Asta arrive, successfully stopping the Tree of Qliphoth and saving Yami and William.

After Yami, William and Lolopechika are saved, Finral will use his Teleportation power to move them in a safe environment, and hence, after everything is clear, the “Final Attack” will begin.

What I’m trying to predict is that there will be 3-front attack, Noelle will defeat Vanica, Yuno will defeat Zenon, and Asta will finally kill Dante.

This theory sits perfectly well since, Vanica killed Noelle’s mother and also Lolopechika asked her help to cure her curse. Zenon defeated William and hence, Yuno will defeat Zenon, and since Yami and Asta fought Dante before, this time it will be Asta and Nero.

Mereoleona is Crazy

“Mereoleona is Crazy”, this is not an understatement! she really is insane. When she was first introduced, many of us thought that yeah, she might be powerful but, how much powerful can someone get? Well she is the older sister of Fuegoleon and also someone who could easily become a Captain. But she chose not to become one, since it would be “Boring” to repeatedly do things daily.

When she fought Rhya, we knew how overpowered she was. Even during the Elf Arc, she was one of the most badass personality who fought the elves.

Now, we get to see her madness again in Chapter 275. When Nacht went to seek help from Mereoleona, she is seen talking bath in Lava, proving that she can do anything to surpass her limits. And, when Nacht informs her about everything, she agrees to fight.

Later, when she unleashed her magical prowess, everyone, who were witness of the event were awestruck seeing her overwhelming power. One of them even said that “It feels she is Mana itself“.

We are enjoying her way of over-powering her enemy, but we know that “With Great Power come Great Responsibility“, unleashing such huge amount of power within a short amount of time may be taxing for her physical body, and in turn may harm her in long term. Though, she is tough like a rock.

Now, this is just the beginning, it will be extremely interesting to watch what else Mereoleona has under her sleeves.

The REAL Battle Begins

After the Panel shifts from Mereoleona’s attack, we see that all the Magic Knights’ group face each Dark Triad. Though the Chapter ended there, we can say that something really big is going to happen.

But, I still have a lingering question! What will Sekke do in this War? Seriously, I mean, what will he do if one of the Dark Triad moves to attack him? It’s still a mystery. Though the Black Clover community is absolutely enjoying this.

Someone is saying

Dark Triad are in Trouble Now, Sekke will be enough for them to handle“.

Chapter 276, Dark Triad faces one-sided Massacre“.

Well, even if Sekke does not contribute much to the War, he will surely contribute to keep the balance between fun and seriousness in check.

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