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How Strong Is Yami Sukehiro? Is He The Strongest In Black Clover?

Yami Sukehiro is undoubtedly one of the most loved and respected character in Black Clover. He has everything for the perfect personality in a manga series. But, at the end of the day how strong is Yami?

Hence, in this post I’ll discuss and find out what makes Yami one of the strongest, if not the strongest, in Black Clover…

Ready? Let’s CHAAARGE…

How Strong Exactly Is Yami?

Now, since Black Clover is a manga with magic technique, I’ll have to declare beforehand that the strength I’m talking is not magical strength. Of course there are many other characters in the series who are quite powerful in Magic!

But, I don’t think they would perform well in physical prowess. That’s where Yami comes in.

Well, the manga has seldom shown anything to gauge the sheer physical prowess of any individual character, yet, Yami has done something that showcases the insane physical strength he has got!

How Strong Is Yami Black Clover
Yami’s Strength

For example, throwing Asta to great distances as if it’s nothing! Damn I know it’s a fictional event, yet, this simple showcases what a beat he is!

But wait, there’s more: He is the only one who punishes Asta. How? But grabbing his head until it’s almost crushed!

Moving to the next section:

Is Yami Sukehiro Strongest Black Clover Character?

Hmm…this is a complex one to answer! Yes, Yami is one of the strongest character in Black Clover, and there’s no question about it. But, is THE Strongest?

I don’t think so! Yeah, if I stick to the “Strongest Character in Physical Prowess” then I’ve no doubt he is at the top! There’s no one who can beat him in that aspect!

I would say that the closest who comes is Asta. He is anyways referred to as “Junior Yami.”

What Makes Yami So Strong?

I can go on-and-on about how strong is Yami. Let’s know why is he so buffed? Especially when compared to other Captains.

The very first and the most obvious reason among all is his magic technique! Unlike other Magic Knights, Yami doesn’t use his hands to unleash Dark Magic. He uses a Sword.

Yami Ripped Muscles Black Clover
Yami Ripped AF

So, in order to keep up with his opponent Yami has no option but to train himself rigorously. The more he trains the more he can easily swing his sword. And it ultimately follows a spiraling effect.

This is the simplest fact I can give behind what makes Yami So Strong…

Conclusion & FAQ

The conclusion is simple. Yami is insanely strong physically because he uses a Sword to transmit Dark Magic. Using a Sword like a plaything requires extreme hard work, and so as a result Yami has gained buffed physique..

What do you think about about the above speculation and theory? Would you like to add something to it? Of course do let me know…

Is Yami Strongest Black Clover Character?

Yes, Yami is one of the Strongest Black Clover Character.

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