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Will Yami Die In Black Clover? Will Asta Save Him?

Will Yami die in Black Clover?

If you’re a big fan of Black Clover (I know you are) you’ll know that Yami is one of the most loved characters in the manga.

Anything happens to him and the series will lose almost 1/3rd of the reader base. But, in an action manga deaths do happen and is inevitable. We have seen this happening almost every time…

So, Is Yami’s death near? And what will the aftermath if he dies?

Let’s dive deep into Yami’s future…

Will Yami Die?

No, Yami will not die!

Here is the most direct answer I can deliver. Won’t you ask me the reason?

As I said before, Yami carries too much weight in the manga. In even simpler words, you can call him the “Jiraya of Black Clover.” This thought came to me the very moment I understood Yami and Asta’s relation.

Black Clover Lucifero_Revealed
Lucifero & Asta

Now, there’s two side of everything… The first is the bright side, and the other is obviously dark.

If you have watched Naruto, you know what happened after Jiraya’s death!

EVERYTHING about Naruto changed. And that too will happen to Asta if Yami dies.

On top of that Asta sees Yami as a father-figure, and somewhere Yami also considers the same…

Asta After Yami’s Death

Yami’s death will disrupt the Clover Kingdom not just Asta.

Asta’s personality doesn’t completely match with Naruto.

Yes, they are both hardworking, but I feel Asta is more pushy. And also a bit immature too.

Black Clover Asta Devil
Asta’s Devil Form

And we have already seen a glance of what could happen if Yami dies. Asta tried to invade the Spade Kingdom when Yami was only taken away, not killed…

Guess the reaction from him will be 100 times more intense if Yami dies…

I’ll leave this up to you to decide even further…

Onto the next section…

Can Yami Revive If He Dies?

What makes Yami intimidating and powerful is his magical technique.

It’s a manga cliche that a character with “darkness magic” is powerful.

But, can darkness magic make someone immortal or cheat death? Hard to accept!

Chapter 323 have shown Yami’s unique abilities. Even though his physical body was almost destroyed, he unleashed “Dark Magic: Black Moon” and healed himself.

Now, since the War is still going on, we don’t have any explanation about the technique.

If Yami can use “Black Moon” repeatedly, he can regain perfect health even after getting seriously injured…

On the other hand, if he can’t then he’ll be gone!

If I can recall correctly, then only Vanessa has the ability to alter timeline…that too before something happens…

Is He The Strongest Captain?

Unarguably Yami is strong! Not just because of his darkness magic, but also tenacity and intelligence.

But, does that mean he is the strongest Captain among all?

Well, there are two group of fans: The first group considers Yami the strongest. Even stronger than the Wizard King himself. And there’s another group who’ll argue why Yami is not the strongest!

My view is Yami is the strongest if he goes one-on-one against the Captains, but will taste dust if all the Captains goes against him.

Mereoleona is the strongest if you ask me… even stronger than a high level Devil.

There’s a reason why Julius chose Yami even though he didn’t belong to a royal family…I will love to watch a spin-off of Yami’s past

That’ll be it from my side.

What’s your take on this?

How do you think Yami’s death will affect the manga and its future?

Until then…Meet you next time.

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