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My Hero Academia 295 Spoilers, Raws Scans.

The War against Villains is approaching its end after most of them are down. Shigaraki, the leader of the Villains is down himself, and not much is known about him after his encounter with Deku. When, Deku and Shigaraki clashed, we got to see Shigaraki’s past and how he was deceived by All for One. If this painful revelation wasn’t enough, later we also learnt Dabi’s real identity. Though, My Hero Academia community was already speculating that Dabi is Endeavor’s son, the recent revelation about Mr. Compress’ face has surprised everyone in a positive way. My Hero Academia 295 Spoilers will reveal even more about this revelation, but before it comes out, let’s discuss Speculations of Chapter 295.

Spoilers [UPDATED]

The Raw Scans are out, and presently the Translation is going on. But, these are the bits and pieces of information from the Raw Scans.

  • The name of Chapter is “Persistent”.
  • Deku suddenly wakes up after he feels that someone is trying to wake him up.
  • Deku is sensing danger all around him, he later learns that he has activated 4th AFO quirk “Crisis Detection”. This helps Deku to sense danger like a spider.
  • Scene switches to Mirio and Mr. Compress trying to perform his final trick. Mr. Compress is completely wrecked and on the brink of death.
  • The next panel shows Spinner and Shigaraki in a crystal ball. (It’s not clear after that.
  • After some panels, we see OFA taking over Shigaraki and the Heroes fighting the Nomus.
  • Deku feels that Shigaraki needs help and thinks of helping him somehow, but his own condition doesn’t allow him.
  • The end shows the Preview of Chapter 296: “What’s waiting for Shigaraki at the end?”

Chapter 295 Discussion

Deku’s new AFO Quirk

Finally, Deku reveals his newest quirk, or the 4th AFO quirk called “Crisis Detection”. With this, within a very short amount of time, Deku has unleashed many quirks due to the pressure of War. But, this quirk may prove for Deku due to various reasons. First is that with this Quirk, he can sense almost every threat, hence, since Deku is pretty much obsessed about saving people, this quirk may drive him crazy.

Though, we know that he will surely able to handle it, it is surprising how powerful Deku can get within a short time, and the possibilities of him being even more powerful in future when he grows up.

Will Mr. Compress die?

In Chapter 294, Mr. Compress revealed this face for the first time in the series, but, with his face reveal came his so-called final magic. After the end of Chapter 294, many thought that Mr. Compress is next in the line to sacrifice himself after Twice.

But, in Chapter 295 Raw Scans, we see Mr. Compress heavily injured and on the brink of death. Though it was not clear whether he died, but the situation is very sensitive. After Mr. Compress’ sacrifice, we see the focus is on Spinner. But, it’s not yet clear whether he can pull-off anything as intense as Mr. Compress and Twice.

Slowly but surely the Villains are falling one-by-one. The first to die was Twice, then it was Toga’s defeat, Shigaraki is already wrecked after he took hell lot of beating from Deku and others. And now it’s Mr. Compress.

But, the community is complaining about how Mr. Compress is treated after his face reveal. Some are saying that: ‘It’s sad to see Mr. Compress die so quickly only after a Chapter after his face is revealed.” Others are saying that, it would be better to show something about Mr. Compress, and, how he became a Villian.

Deku vs Shigaraki Re-match?

In one of the last panel of Chapter 295, we see AFO trying to take-over Shigaraki’s body. After AFO was defeated, he was using Shigaraki to execute his plans. If that wasn’t enough, AFO was the reason why Shigaraki has become what he is today.

The worst that we can see is that AFO completely taking over Shigaraki’s body and then Deku is forced to fight him. This could fetch various after-effects. We know between them only one will survive, hence, if Deku wins, this could leave his heart with a guilt for not being able to save Shigaraki when he needed help.

Now, this sets everything in right place on why the Chapter is named “Persistence”. This Chapter tries to explain how persistence Deku is to save anyone in need, in this case it’s Shigaraki.

Will Endeavor Recover from this Shock?

Endeavor is in shock after Dabi’s reveal. It’s common for anyone to be shocked after learning that the person who was presumed dead, is alive. What’s worse for Endeavor is that his son who was supposed to be dead is not only alive but, also a Villain.

After this reveal, Endeavor’s behavior has being rather cold, uttering nothing and only staring at his “Dead” son. Though the community was not shocked that Dabi is Touya, but they are surprised to see Endeavor’s reaction.

Some were saying that, Endeavor’s end is near and Dabi will probably kill him while all the Heroes are away, but, according to the latest Chapter, we don’t see this happening, as Endeavor collapsed, probably due to his physical injury and the shock. Thinking logically, Endeavor’s collapse saved him from dying in his son’s hands.

Now, many are speculating that to atone his sins, Endeavor will leave being a Hero, and retire. But, I don’t see that happening, he will probably become more of a “Good Person” after this incident and behave more normally towards everyone. We have already seen this happening in past chapters when Endeavor tried to contact Shouto on phone.

Talking about whether he will recover from this shock, the answer is No! he won’t.

Most of his children hate him, yet he didn’t change his toxic behavior, but Dabi’s revelation is so intense that, even someone like Endeavor won’t make the cut. Most probably, from now on he will improve his behavior siting Dabi as the reason.

Will Mr. Compress Die?

In the last panel of Chapter 294, we saw Mr. Compress revealing his face. What was missed in excitement is the sentence he used while revealing his face. “Voila! The Curtain Rises on the First and Final Escape Artist Performance of Mr. Compress.

This sentence is alarming since he used the word “First and Final“. Many are speculating that Mr. Compress is betting his life for the safety of other Villains.

Another thing to notice is his Left Hand, it’s prosthetic. Why does a Magician has a Prosthetic Arm if he never engages in physical battles? Maybe, even Mr. Compress’ past is hidden in sadness that he never wants to reveal to anyone.

One theory is that, Mr. Compress could be quite similar to Garo (One Punch Man). Garo is not a Villain, but an anti-hero.

Whatever happens, we will surely get to know in upcoming Chapters.

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