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One Piece 998 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Read Online.

The turbulent Wano Arc has began and the War is at full swing. Major events happened and we learned a lot about the past of Kaido and Wano Country. Another drastic even in One Piece was when Orochi got killed by Kaido. Since the War has began we hope to see even more events that will shock us. With this let’s look into the One Piece Chapter 998 Spoilers.


As of now there is just the basic Spoiler available. On Tuesday, major spoilers will appear.

  • Chapter title is, “Ancient Species.”
  • Marco uses his skills to stop the spread of the virus. There might be a direct relation to the victim’s physical capacity and the spread of the virus.
  • After Zoro slashed Apoo, he is wounded, but not dead. As he tries to get up again, Drake defeats him this time.
  • Franky is seen clashing with Sasaki, who is the user of Ryuu Ryuu no Mi Model Triceratops.
  •  Sanji Vs Black Maria, who is a user of the Kumo Kumo no Mi (Kumo means spider) model Rosamygale grauvogeli.
  • Jinbe Vs. Who’s Who, who is a user of the Neko Neko no Mi model “Saber tooth” or Smilodon.
  • Yamato sees a statue of a beaten dragon, says that a friend broke it. It looks like it was Ace’s doing.
  • At the end of the Chaper, Yamato appears and says: “A man came a few years ago to kill my father.”

Chapter 998 Discussion

Is Kaido a Real Dragon?

When Kaido was introduced for the first time, many said that he was an actual beast and not any Devil Fruit user. But, while fighting Luffy, we saw how he transformed to a real Dragon.

So, the question still is. “Is Kaido a real Dragon?”

Chapter 998 early leaks shows the name of the Chapter as, “Ancient Species.” Hence, hinting that maybe Kaido is himself not a Devil Fruit user, though, for further revelation, we will have to wait for the official Releases.

Is Yamato a Dragon too?

Yamato is Kaido’s daughter, but, as of now, she hasn’t revealed her Beast form. Few Chapters ago, we got a glimpse of Yamato revealing her Beast form, though it was not clear.

When we learned that Yamato is Kaido’s daughter, fan-community started questioning whether she has also powers similar to Kaido? Among, the most discussed theory was that, Yamato has probably the same powers(Dragon). Or else, why would Kaido torment her for being a Woman?

Does Kaido wants to take revenge?

Another thing to think about is, “Why does Kaido want to kill himself?” There could be various contradictions to this. First is that, he is a Beast, so, mayhem is in his blood. Second is that he is “Depressed”, which mostly seems so, and, the Third is that he wants to die Gracefully as Roger, White-Beard and Oden did.

One theory that revolves is that, when Kaido was a child, his whole species was cheated and either put to death or controlled by the Celestial Dragons. Talking about the Celestial Dragons, we have seen how brutal and heartless they can be. Their hatred towards other species was evident when one of them tried to kill a mermaid only because she was “A Mermaid.”

Hence, now, Kaido is in revenge mode. He wants to cause mayhem in the entire “Human World” and let them feel the same pain that he experienced.

But, the question sill rises, that, then why does he wants to die? The reason to this could be that, Kaido wants to die a Graceful death like Roger, White-Beard and Oden. According to him, these guys were the real-deal, and dying like them would make him a “Martyr” rather than an average living being.

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