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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 24 Release Date and Time.

The Nether Arc is over and Maki has returned to Company 8. While fighting Dr. Giovanni, Shinra felt him in Adolla Link. If that wasn’t uncommon, he also saw Lt. Konro, the elder brother of Benimaru. Now, Captain Obi is suspecting that maybe Konro is also associated with the White-Clad. With this, let’s look into Fire Force Season 2 Episode 24 Release Date and Time.

Release Date

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 24 will release on Friday, 11 December at 8:55 AM (PDT). The name of the next Episode is “Signs of Upheaval.”


Konro is with the White-Clad?

When Shinra felt and saw Lt. Konro in Adolla Link, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It’s because, only the people who are Pillars can access the Adolla Link. When Captain Obi heard about this, he showed his suspicion that maybe Konro is secretly working with the White-Clad.

Hence, Shinra took permission from Captain to research this matter.

The Doppelganger

As Shinra goes to meet Konro, Hibana also follows him. The excuse she gives is that she wants to research too. But, what they saw with Konoro makes Hibana more suspicious.

It is seen that Konro is standing alone and a White-Clad behind him. For the first time, most people with think that, he is working with them, but turns out, the White-Clad was tailing Konro since many days and wanted to kill him, hence, Konro lured the White-Clad in a lonely place and defeated him there.

After he defeats the White-Clad, Shinra asks Konro whether he has ever experienced Adolla Link. To which he says yes, and it was when he defeated a Demon Infernal in the Great Fire at Asakusa.

Hibana says that, the Demon Konro fought could be the Doppelganger of Konro itself.

Shinra and Arthur’s new Training

After Shinra and Hibana are clear of their motive, Shinra asks Benimaru whether he can train him. to which he agrees. Next day Shinra, Arthur and Tamaki goes to Benimaru for training and Benimaru start their training in a bizarre way.

Benimaru ties Shinra and Arthur and roast them as a Kebab. On the other hand Tamaki is trying to escape the twin sister, Hina and Hika. While she is trying to escape, we come to learn about the harsh past of Tamaki, before she awaken her Fire abilities.

Tamaki’s Harsh Past

Since Season 1, we have always found Tamaki in a spot where she is easily embarrassed. But, what lies behind this ecchi moment is a harsh past. While running away from Hina and Hika, she recalls how her funny way for revealing herself also led to her being bullied by her classmates.

But, those incidents doesn’t let Tamaki stop her, rather recalling those moments fills her with enough power to escape and in turn win the battle.

But, even though she wins, she again ends up partially naked in front of Benimaru.

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