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One Piece Episode 939 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Watch.

If you are a seasoned Anime watcher or Manga fan, it is almost impossible not to know about One Piece.The tantrums of Luffy, the Hardcore training of Zoro, the Foodgasm of Sanji, and the Pervertness of Brook is known to everyone who has ever heard about One-Piece. That said, let’s dive into what happened in the present episode and the possibilities in One Piece episode 939.

Episode 938 Review:

The name of One-piece episode 938 is “Shaking the National identity of Ushimitsu Kojo the Chilverous Thief,” and it begins with Yasui being interrogated and tortured by one of Orochi’s Ninja Fukurokuju. 

Fukurokuju | Source: Fandom

The Chivalrous Thief:

With the torture and interrogation, he had to go through, after a while, Yasui’s hair revealed and Fukurokuju recognizes him as the thief who did robbery at night from the rich and distributed them to the poor. 

He had a bounty on him and speculation about who it could be, but no one thought it would someone whom they knew so closely.

Orochi trembles:

Orochi is still greaving Komurasaki’s death in his mansion. When Fukurokuju comes to inform Orochi about who is Yasui, Orochi is frustrated and transforms into his beast form threatening to kill him. But, after listening about Yasui, he starts trembling and immediately issues an order to execute Yasui.

Mink Tribes’ miscalculation:

Carrot and some other minks steal food and weapons from Holdem’s place and leave a paper written about Shutenmaru’s Gang. This leads to a skirmish between both of their gangs and a one-to-one battle between Holdem and Shutenmaru. Though no one wins and Shutenmaru is forced to retreat, but the fire from Holdem’s sword destroys the hideout place of Shutenmaru.

A Father and Daughter relation:

Brooks reaches into a broken hut where he sees Toko, Komurasaki, and Zoro sleeping together. The way Komurasaki and Zoro are sleeping literally shocks Brook and he chooses to leave. By looking at his condition Zoro himself is startled, but orders Brook not to stay.

Brook compliments Komurasaki about how beautiful she is and how similar she seems of Komurasaki (Brook doesn’t know Komurasaki is alive) talks about what is happening in Flower Capital and how everything is in turmoil after the famous thief has been caught. He tries to name the thief but fails to do so. But, Zoro helps him to remember and then Toko finds out that it is her father who was going to get executed.

Learning this shocks Komurasaki and Toko and Toko runs towards the Capital to save her father. But, she is stopped by Zoro not knowing the situation. Then she reveals that the man who was going to get executed was none other than her father. Listening to this shocks Zoro and Brook.

One Piece Episode 939 Release Date:

One Piece Episode 939 will release on Sunday, August 29. 

What could happen in episode 939?

The preview of episode 939 shows Mugiwara Pirates rush to save Yasui from his execution. We also get a glimpse of how strong and vibrant Yasui-san was during his early days. Toko is seen rushing towards her father with eyes that are deluded and lost.

Without a question, the next episode will be something every One-Piece fan is waiting to know. We always knew that Yasui was hiding something behind his smile. What it is will be clear in episode 939.

Where to Watch:

You can watch One Piece Episode 939 Here:



One Piece is an adventure manga created by Eiichiro Oda and is been in serialization since 1997. The protagonist of One-Piece is Monkey D. Luffy who, since his childhood wants to become a Pirate King like Gol D. Roger.

Though an adventure manga One-Piece is one of the most diversified series consisting of great Comic timings, Emotional clashes, Action, Sadness and on the top everything, depth of Human Emotion. One Piece is nearing its 100th Volume and, this represents how famous the series is. In fact, One-Piece is the highest selling manga ever.

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