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One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers, Raw Scan

Alright, it’s time for One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers.

Chapter 1039 ended with a bang (pun intended). Law and Kid fighting Big Mom is in some ways a little more interesting that Luffy’s battle against Kaido.

Funny isn’t it?

I knew Kid was strong, but not strong enough to land a powerful blow on Big Mom.

With this, let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers, Raw Scans (if available).

Chapter 1040 Predictions

Predictions of the upcoming chapter is the bloodline of any manga. Because that’s when we come to see how powerful the community really is!

Coming back to the topic, Chapter 1039 focused on Kid and Law’s struggle against Big Mom. And for the fans (me too) there are very few things more exciting than the “Worst Generation” fighting together.

In fact, last few chapters has been entirely focused on the battle against Big Mom.

I guess, it’s Oda’s way to say that, “the best is for the last.”

Now, the question is whether these two can really beat Big Mom?

One Piece Roger

It’s really hard to say! I don’t think other than Roger, there is anyone who really beat Big Mom, let alone put her to death.

But, this is the new generation we are talking about. They have their own way of doing things! Who knows both Law and Kid can actually beat Big Mom in her own game.

From what I have observed, Law’s power is the “Real Deal.” It’s so confusing for anyone to guess his next move. And what happens when something as confusing as Law’s power come together with Kid’s insanely offensive power?


While searching Spoilers, I stumbled upon a community and read some really interesting predictions.

Some said: “Now, Big Mom will unleash her “actual” powers after pinned down to such state. Jinbei and Franky will save them in the last moment.”

And, honestly speaking, I feel Jinbei is the perfect guy who can defeat Big Mom. He didn’t even flinch when Big Mom tried to suck life out of him.

So, anything can happen!

What do think is going to happen?

Well, I’m really eager to hear you opinion!

Until then…

Chapter 1040 Spoilers

Yeah, the Spoilers are out:

  • Chapter 1040 title: “Words that have no effect on the New Generation.
  • Kid’s attack does not critically harm Big Mom.
  • She tries to take lifespan from people around her, but Law stops her.
  • Kid continues to shoot Big Mom until the floor collapse. Big Mom falls through the armory taking all the bombs with her.
  • She thinks about Roger while falling.
  • She thinks: “Why didn’t you just say it before you die, Roger? What exactly is One Piece and where is it?
  • Big Mom falls into the Wanokuni’s hole, but she warns Law and Kid to not think that she’s going to die so easily.
  • After that, there’s a HUGE explosion from the hole. And the narrator proclaims that Law and Kid are the winner of the battle.
  • Momo tells Yamato that Zunisha is near. Yamato is surprised and asks whether it’s the elephant that appears in Oden’s journal?
  • To which Momo says: “Yes, it’s Joy Boy’s nakama who committed a crime 800 years ago!!”
  • Chapter ends…

Unlike other manga (even the famous ones) One Piece latest Spoilers comes out WAY early. And that’s going to happen with Chapter 1040 too. I’m eagerly waiting for the latest spoilers to arrive (just like you) and will update as soon as there’s any update!

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