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Chainsaw Man 93 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Read Online.

Chainsaw Man manga is relatively a new series addition in the Weekly Shonen Jump. The name of the series may be seem normal but, the story is as complicated and shocking. The Story centers around Denji, who becomes a Devil Hunter after his beloved dog Pochita sacrifices itself for Denji life. In reality he can awaken the Chainsaw Devil residing in him. As of now Chainsaw Man is at its peak arc and speculations are raging about Chainsaw Man Manga End. With this, let’s learn about Chainsaw Man Chapter 93.

Spoilers [UPDATED]

Chapter 93 Spoilers are out

  • Denji sees on TV that people are cheering for him.
  • He cries after seeing that, but it seems that he cries not in Happiness but Pain.
  • Denji says to Kishibe that he is bored of eating just Bread and Jam and wants Steaks instead.
  • He says that he would rather have 5 Girlfriends or 10 Girlfriends.
  • He also wants to have Sex as much as possible.
  • Denji says to Kishibe that he wants to become Chainsaw Man, to which Kishibe says that, “If You become the Chainsaw Devil, Makima will Kill You.”
  • In the next few panels we see that Denji fantasizing about Makima speaking to himself that even after what Makima has done to him, he still loves her.
  • Denji also tries to find out anyway to defeat Makima, but he cannot find any.
  • The next Panel suddenly switches to Denji as the Chainsaw Devil in front of Makima.
  • Makima is with her men who are supposedly Devils.
  • Makima asks Denji. “You are Weak, did you come here to Die?”
  • After having a brief conversation, Makima unleashes her Devils and Chainsaw Devil gets ready to Fight. We also see Reze with Makima in her Devil Form.
  • The End Panel shows this: “The Battle of the Immortals that sets Everything Down, Begins.”

Release Date

Chainsaw Man will officially Release on November 15. There are some portions of the Leaks that are not quite clear and the official translations will make it clear.

Read Chainsaw Man

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