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Is Chainsaw Man Ending? When will it End?

Chainsaw Man manga is relatively a new series addition in the Weekly Shonen Jump. The name of the series may be seem normal but, the story is as complicated and shocking. The Story centers around Denji, who becomes a Devil possessed Devil Hunter after his beloved dog Pochita sacrifices itself for Denji life. As of now Chainsaw Man is at its peak arc and speculations are raging about Chainsaw Man Manga End.

Will the series end or continue? Let’s find out!

Is Chainsaw Man Ending?

After the release of Chapter 91 of Chainsaw Man. There were rumors suggesting that Chainsaw Man manga was ending. But, rumors are rumors and many people didn’t believe that their beloved series was ending. More like they never wanted the series to end.

But, the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump revealed that the series was coming to an end. This is a shock to many fans since Chainsaw Man doesn’t even have 100 chapters. And altogether it has no Anime yet.

Few days ago the unofficial account of Weekly Shonen Jump tweeted this:

And, after this tweet the nightmare of Chainsaw Man fans started coming to reality. Later the next day the Twitter account again tweeted this:

We know that Publishers have a rough idea where a manga series is heading and its end too. We have seen this happening in One Piece too, where Oda talked about ending One Piece within 5 years and that the Editor of One Piece knew what the ending is.

Now that the official Weekly Shonen Jump has revealed that the series was approaching to its end let’s look into other possible theories.

Why is Chainsaw Man Ending?

Well, if you ask me “Why Chainsaw Man is Ending?” then I would join you too into asking this question to someone else.

But, there are various reasons we need to consider on why this may be the best time to end the series.

If you can recall how the story of Chainsaw Man started, then you know that it was Makima’s personal greed and Denji’s bad luck.

When Makima took Denji under her control, most the story after that was Makima destroying anyone and anything coming close to Denji. For a beginner reader they might think that Makima is saving and protecting Denji, but later in the series her “Real” identity is revealed.

She is the Control Devil and wants to control Denji who is the Chainsaw Devil.

Power : Fandom

She crossed her limit when she used killed Power and Aki just to awaken the Chainsaw Devil residing inside Denji.

And, in the end we see how the Devil Form of Denji is wrecking havoc and killing everyone.

The way it is right now in the Manga, and as it has always been, Makima seems invincible and impossible to kill. And this is the reason she wants to control the Chainsaw Devil, since if the Chainsaw Devil eats her, she will be erased for real.

Every Chapter of the Manga nowadays is packed with the Chainsaw Devil wrecking havoc and trying everything to kill Makima. Even Makima is impressed with how tough the Chainsaw Devil is. So, we can safely say that this is the peak of the series.

As I said before, the very reason why Makima took Denji under her control was to awaken the Chainsaw Devil, and now that the Devil has woken up, there is not much left with the series.

But, you may riot, “What about Power?” Will she return or is she dead for real?

In Chapter 91, Power hinted that she is already in her last straw, and that she will be reborn in Hell as the “Blood Devil.” So, we can assume as of now that she is dead and unfortunately not going to return.

I know! we all want More POWER, but, it’s Fujimoto who will decide this.

Will Chainsaw Man get a Sequel?

Chainsaw Man may get a Sequel with Denji searching for Power in Hell. Power told Denji that when she dies she will be born as Blood Devil in Hell.

So, there is a slight chance that we get a spin-off series where Denji searches for Power in Hell.

Another thing that can happen is that, we will get a different series based on the same Universe as Chainsaw Man. We saw this happening with “Burn the Witch” where the characters are based on Bleach Universe.

This maybe too much to ask, but why not?

Will Power Comeback to Life?

Makima killed power with her control powers in front of Denji. And every reader of Chainsaw Man mourned her death. She was supposed to be dead but, while fighting Denji we saw Makima controlling Power.

But, can we say that Power is alive? Power, as we see now is in her Devil form, and trying to save Denji as a Blood Devil. She hinted Denji that she will die while being in her devil form and be reborn in hell as a Blood Devil.

Hence, there is nearly no chance that Power will come back to life.

Will Makima Die?

Makima is the Control Devil and is supposedly one of the most powerful Devil in Chainsaw Man universe. She is only afraid of Chainsaw Devil since it can erase her forever.

But, the Chainsaw Man community is spread between those who love Makima and those who wants her dead. Taking the neutral position, on whether she will die?

Makima : Fandom

Mostly the guess is that she will die and get devoured by the Chainsaw Devil. Since, at present she is noticeably the antagonist of the series and the best way to end the series if to finish her off.

But, as unexpected as the series it, we may even see Denji dying at the end of the series, but, this possibility is minimal.

Will Denji Die?

Now, the sensitive question. “Will Denji Die?”

Who wants the main protagonist of the series to die? Very few! It’s same with me too. Denji dying at the end of the series would be unfair for not only Denji himself, but also with Power and Aki.

Aki was a brother-like figure for Denji and Power as Denji’s closest partner. Now that both of them are no less than dead, Denji is carrying the burden of revenge.

We must not forget that Denji can transform into the most terrifying Devil in history and hence, there is a chance that he will master his Devil nature and then kill Makima.

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