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Does Itadori Die in Jujutsu Kaisen? Will he Live?

Does Itadori die in Jujutsu Kaisen? This is a burning question for most fans loving the present development in the manga.

Back when the series came into limelight, Sukuna killing Itadori really crushed our hearts (pun intended). But, now that he is back into action, is there any chance that he will meet death again?

So, today I’ll talk about whether Itadori will die in the series or not…Let’s Begin:


Does Itadori Die?

Yes & No! The simplest answer to this is that, Yes, Itadori died in the series, but soon after he came back to life thanks to Sukuna. I don’t think whether I should thank a devil like him, but just for once he did a good job and spared someone’s life!

Now, when it comes to “What is the Future of Itadori?” it is pretty hard to understand whether he will die by the end of the series by Sukuna’s Curse or live and die normally taking Sukuna with him. As of Now, it’s safe to say that Itadori won’t die.

How does Itadori Control Sukuna?

A Devil is controlled by the user’s Will-Power. It’s basically a battle of two inside a single person. If the Devil has more Will-Power than the User, the User eventually gets taken over and hence, the vice-verse.

In the case of Itadori, he is driven by intense desire to save people. Hence, when it comes to Will-Power Battle, Sukuna’s Will-Power is overtaken even though he is the most powerful Devil.

Jujutsu Kaisen Itadori Controls Sukuna1
Itadori possessed by Sukuna

But, if someone Weak-Willed is possessed by a Devil, there is very less chance that the Devil will be overtaken.

We saw this whole case of “Will-Power” when Itadori suddenly doubted his resolve! It was that moment when his physical body was overtaken and later killed which led to the contract.

Will Itadori able to control Sukuna?

In most series where the protagonist possess a Devil, we always see that at some point in future, the protagonist gets the Devil inside under control and goes on to fight together as War-Buddies (Asta & Liebe).

In case of Itadori and Sukuna, the situation is pretty different. Even though Itadori has enough Will-Power to stop Sukuna from taking over his body, he cannot hold over Sukuna. It is more like Itadori is just blocking Sukuna’s attack rather than attacking him.

On the worse side, after [SPOILER] happened, it feels even more challenging on how Itadori will control Sukuna even if he wants to.

Megumi with his Magical Beasts

If in the future Itadori gets a hold on Sukuna’s power and co-operation, he can even surpass Satoru Gojo in terms of strength. But, even after so many chapters I don’t see this happening. His will-power went down considerably after Nanami’s death and Nobara’s critical injury, and we all know what happened after that!

But, as of now, Itadori is too young and immature to even surpass some other High-Ranked Sorcerers, let alone Satoru Gojo. Itadori has a lot of platform to grow and break his limits. If it was not that, then Satoru Gojo would have just killed him off.

Don’t you think so?

Who will Itadori end up with?

Well, now that we are at the end of this discussion, let’s talk about what the future may hold for Itadori.

Itadori is a typical teenager who has an interest in Jennifer Laurence, and to think about Itadori getting in a serious relationship is hard to accept. But, there could be various possibilities into what Itadori’s future turns into.

After the introduction of Nobara Kugisaki in Anime, rumors are already raging about the future relationship between Itadori and Nobara.

But, I apologize to disappoint you that the raging rumor about Nobara getting in relation with Itadori is not true and more of an excitement in the community.

Jujutsu Kaisen Nobara
Nobara using her Cursed Technique

Yes, I won’t say these 1st Years have strained relationships, but to think it as a “Romantic Relationship” is entirely false. Itadori’s and Nobara’s relationship is more of a partner-like, where they both treat each other as close partners in battles.

When Nobara came to Tokyo for the first time as a Sorcerer, she was tasked her first mission with Itadori, so, it’s not hard to say that this duo is best when they fight together in battles as partners.

But, it’s too early to say what the end of the series looks like.

In Akame-ga-kill, we saw Tatsumi ending up with Mine even though the beginning of the series didn’t give a slight hint about it.

In Demon Slayer, Tanjiro ended up with Kanao even though Kanao wouldn’t even talk to anyone until necessary.

So, it is safe to say that it is too early where the series is going to and how it will end up.

But, of course I won’t say that I don’t support the ship of Nobara and Itadori.

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