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Who Is Lucius Zogratis In Black Clover? Powers Explained!

Now that we have entered Black Clover final arc, the final villain is here! It’s none other than Julius. Oh wait, it’s Lucius Zogratis! Theoretically the leader of the Dark Triads and the main Villain of the series!

Mystery surrounds Lucius’ past and very little is known about him. Fortunately, as are are moving ahead all the mysterious are getting solved.

So, in this post, I’ll explain the most important questions about Lucius Zogratis and try to speculate about things that we have not learned yet!!


The Leader Of The Dark Triads

As I briefly mentioned above, Lucius is theoretically the mastermind behind the Dark Triads! he is the eldest brother of the three…

I don’t think Yuki Tabata (Black Clover creator) will ever show whether Dante and Vanica were this evil from the very beginning because we have see that Zenon was not an evil personality.

Lucius made plans to infiltrate into Clover Kingdom and disguise as the Wizard King! And now that all the three are down, he has finally made his appearance!

The Most Evil Person In Black Clover

He destroyed Zenon’s life just for his so-called “dream.” He wants to wipe-out the present “unbalanced” world and create a new one where everyone will lead a balanced life. A life full of peace!

Zenon Black CloverZenon Black Clover

Says the person who destroyed his younger brother’s life and pushed him towards evil. Believe me or not, I won’t be surprised if Zenon somehow came back and back-stabbed him at the end of the battle.

Other than him taking over Julius’ body and corrupting Sister Lily’s soul, who knows how many lives have he destroyed? Lucius is a Devil in Human attire. No wonder Astaroth took interest in him!

What Magic Type Does Lucius Zogratis Has?

As expected from the leader of the Dark Triads, Lucius has one terrifying Magic Attribute.

Soul Magic.

As the name signifies, Soul Magic can interfere with another people’s soul. It can either hijack other people without knowing them or can ultimately corrupt their soul. If you follow Jujutsu Kaisen, Mahito has the same type of power.

What makes Soul Magic insanely terrifying? The Magic can bypass almost every type of defense. And since it directly attacks the soul, it almost becomes impossible for the victim to stop it!

In short, you can say that Soul Magic can implode the victim rather than explode!

Is Lucius Stronger Than Lucifero?

Lucius is supposedly WAY stronger than Lucifero! Why?

First we don’t know whether his Soul Magic can also interfere with a Devil’s soul. Second Lucius also has access to Astaroth’s Time Magic. So, even if Soul Magic couldn’t have hindered Lucifero, it’s the Time Magic that would get him.

On top of all, Lucius would have become insanely more powerful than before because he has also consumed Lucifero’s heart…

What’s your view on this theory? An addition to this is really appreciated:

Conclusion & FAQ

So, in conclusion, Lucius Zogratis is the most messed-up person in Black Clover. He is the type of person who seen weakness and negativity in everything and misuses his powers to get “things right.”

The beginning of the final arc hasn’t given any positive indication for the Clover Knights, especially for Asta. I can just hope the no one dies.

What Magic Does Lucius Zogratis Have?

Lucius Zogratis has Soul Magic. He can manipulate souls.

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