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Black Clover Chapter 290 Spoilers, Raw Scans

We already knew that at some point, Asta would save Nacht, but, the way he saved him is not less like a Hero. Entering the scene at the exact right time is what makes Black Clover a must read series. Now, as we go forward to the upcoming chapters, there are many other revelations to be made. It’s only time when it happens. Many are asking question where is Magna and Zora. They went to train and have not yet entered the battlefield. I guess, it’s almost time they return. With this, let’s look into Black Clover Chapter 290 Spoilers and other discussions.

Recap & Discussion

The Ultimate Devil Unleashed?

It seems even Asta’s Anti-Magic is not working against the twin devils. After splitting them in two halves, these twin devils have now planned to merge into one and make themselves almost invincible.

Though, that does not mean Asta will lose his composure and declare himself a loser, in return he revealed a even more bigger version of the Demon Slayer.

But, what happened in the end panel of the chapter is more than enough to fill fans with excitement. Magna & Zora are back.

Magna & Zora Are Back

Well, I’m sure no one was expecting this. From the very beginning of the training arc, these were the only two Black Bulls members whose status and location were unknown.

The fanbase started speculating that these two guys will surely return when things get worse than expected, and it seems as always the fanbase was correct.

Looking closely into these two, Magna and Zora may prove to be the most powerful duo of Black Bulls. Why? Because Magna’s technique is entirely offensive, whereas Zora’s technique is defensive and more like a trap. When things go south, it’s the traps that makes the difference.

We saw this when Zora was first introduced in the manga. His traps were enough to subdue many knights. That does not mean Zora does not have any Offensive prowess! He may be powerful enough to defeat a standard noble, and we have seen this happen before.


The Spoilers are here. There is nothing much in this chapter, but yet the updates are crucial for the War.

  • Chapter 290 title is “Highest vs Lowest Rank.”
  • Chapter begins with the continuing clash between Asta and the fused Devils.
  • Asta charges at the devils and while he is charging ahead, Liebe recalls seeing these devils back in the underworld.
  • Nacht also supports Asta by holding the devils in place.
  • Asta lands a tight blow on the Fused Devils, and chops them in half.
  • Chapter ends with Asta and Liebe celebrating their victory.

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