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God of High School Episode 11 Release Date, Preview.

Lately, Manhwa is getting quite an attention after the successful response from Tower of God. The next in the line is God of High School. The God of High School is a South Korean web Manhwa penned and illustrated by Yongje Park. The serialization started in 2011 under the Naver Webtoon Platform. The web manhwa got its English translation in 2014 by Line Webtoon. With this, let’s look into what there for us in episode 11.

Release Date:

The God of High School Episode 10 will release on Monday, 14 September. 

There is no news on episode delay and every episode will premiere as scheduled.

Recap of Episode 10:

Ilpyo’s Promise:

The Episode starts with Seungyeon asking Ilpyo what was he fighting for and why was he getting stronger? To which he says that because he has made a promise. Listening to his dogged determination Seungyeon gets impressed and says Ilpyo never to lose any fight.

On the next scene we see that Seungyeon is defeated by Jegal Taek and as cruel as he can get, Taek breaks Seungyeon’s legs and permanently damages them.

After learning this Ilpyo gets angry and takes a fight with Taek. Somewhere Ilpyo thinks that he is responsible for everything that happened because we didn’t get to see why Taek and Seungyeon fought.

After that we see that Ilpyo is being approached by God of High School tournament.

Mori vs Ilpyo:

After Daewi defeats Park Seungah, the next match is between Jin Mori and Ilpyo Park.

And here too we are served with some great action sequence. The way the animation is done in this episode is great.

As soon as the fight begins, Ilpyo surpasses Mori with his abilities and reminds him of how weak he is. After listening to this Mori becomes alert and takes a different Battle Stance.

One-by-one Mori overcomes his weakness quickly and eventually defeats Ilpyo.

The Cult NOX:

In the previous episode we saw how Mori was manipulated by some enemy into thinking that his grandfather was under their captivity. They were the followers of the Cult called as NOX.

While Park Mujin’s partner was interrogating them, the leader of the Cult Sang Mandeok injures her. He then kills the other followers of NOX who failed to follow his commands. This is where Park Mujin arrives and meets him. The other followers of NOX are also outside and the followers of Mujin are also with them, waiting for the signal to attack them.

Then suddenly Sang activates a magic and opens a gate from where a huge sword comes out to destroy the place.

The NOX have their own God and they don’t want to have any other God in existence. That’s why they don’t want God of High School to continue.

After he release they Huge Sword it seems that Park is overwhelmed by his powers and somehow tries to stop the sword to drop on the ground. To counter Park’s defense Sang opens a door that summons a dark cloud that appears to look like a Human. One of the Judges calls it a God.

We are then introduced to an another peculiar character about whom the least we discuss about, the better. We see that he has a unique ability to use many weapons at the same time and his power is amplified by his follower’s music. As his Followers produce music he goes on to defeat the supposed God with his powers and in the end is successfully able to defeat God and break the Sword.

And suddenly we see that after Ilpyo is defeated he has and epiphany about a White Fox coming towards him.

Then, we see that Ilpyo takes a totally different form and look like a person possessed by a fox.

The episode ends here with a cliffhanger. Though the episode felt a little rushed and tried to cover too much in a very short amount of time, it was great specially how much the animators were able to put into the fighting animation.

God of High School Episode 11 Speculation:

Episode 10 covered a lot and character development was too rapid. Withing Ilpyo’s introduction is few episodes we now see him awaking his hidden powers.

The next episode what we speculate is that Ilpyo will defeat Mori with his awakened powers and will eventually win the match.

Worse that could happen is that Ilpyo is taken by NOX and becomes an arch-enemy of Mori.

Where to Watch:

You can watch God of High School on:



The story centers around the main protagonist Jin Mori, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul. Mori is intrigued when he learns that whoever wins The God of High School tournament, will have any wish fulfilled.

Other than being a famous manhwa, the series has also received its own mobile game, OVA. The popularity of the series exploded when Studio MAPPA announced an Anime in July 2020.

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