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Black Clover Episode 143 Release Date, Preview, Watch Online.

Yuuki Tabata started serializing Black Clover in 2015. Initially the series was accused of being a copy of Naruto, but, with time it started taking pace. And now, Black Clover has millions of copy in circulation every month. Now, let’s look into further of Black Clover Episode 142.

Black Clover Episode 143 Release Date:

Black Clover episode 143 will release on September 15, Tuesday. The name of the next episode is “The Tilted Scale”.

Time to cheer up because Black Clover is not on a break and episodes will release as per schedule.

Black Clover Episode 142 Recap:

Lately the episodes of Black Clover is filled with Filler materials back-to-back. Though the Fillers of Black Clover are worth to watch, but it also understood why they frequency of Fillers are increasing by day. The Anime is catching pretty quickly to the Manga and the creators have to option but to produce episode of Filler.

Episode 142 was a Filler too but, an interesting one. Let’s have a look into the latest Episode:

Episode 142 takes us back when the Elves took over the bodies of knights and rampaged across Clover Kingdom. Among the worst affected was the villages that were in close proximity to the attack zone.

But, the village we are shown in this episode is not an extraordinary one. Just a normal village, and the episode is focused on a girl who is simple and living a married life with her Husband and Mother-in-Law. Her life changes for the negative when her Husband and Mother-in-Law dies in the attack. She is lonely and then she comes to know that all that happened was because of the Devil Possession. And it is then she learns about Asta. She and her Friend takes a vow to take revenge from the ones who were possessed, especially Asta, who was the root of all evil.

On the next scene we see all the Captains getting order from Julius about the upcoming war with Spade Kingdom and to train hard. Damnatio, who was trying to get Asta executed because he was a devil agrees that Asta should also train. But, one of Damnatio’s subordinate whose Niece was killed in the attack wants Asta to get executed. But, his emotions are not noticed deeply by Damnatio.

Later the two girls approach with their plans to the subordinate and they agree to work together. They manipulate Asta and Nero, and poison them. Both of them faint.

The kidnappers plan to take Nero and Asta with them but, they fail to take Asta with them since Noel attacked them. But, Nero is taken by them and Asta is fainted with the Poison.

They have also kidnapped Gauche’s sister Marie. The episode ends with Gauche flying with rage after he learns that his beloved sister is kidnapped.

Where to Watch:

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Black Clover series in written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata since 2015. Black Clover releases weekly in the Weekly Shonen Jump. The English version of the manga is published by Viz. The story centers around Asta and Yuno who are like Brothers. But, both Asta and Yuno have differences when it comes to their magic powers. Where Yuno is overflowing with magic, Asta is magicless. Both Asta and Yuno have a dream to become the best mages and ultimately become the Wizard King.

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