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Danmachi Season 3 Episode 11 Release Date and Time.

After the War between Xenos and Humans is over, Ikelos is exiled. Now that Wiene has been resurrected, Xenos are calm and happy. But, on the other hand lies even greater trouble for them. Loki Familia still doesn’t believe that Xenos are different kinds of Monster and they have emotions. Finn, the Commander of Loki Familia is intelligent and have planned to catch and kill the Xenos. With this, let’s find out Danmachi Season 3 Episode 11 Release Date and Time.

Release Date

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 11 will release on Friday, 11 December at 7:30 AM(PDT). Preview of the next episode was not shown, but, we can speculate what can happen in the upcoming episodes.


Bell Tries to Recue Xenos

The War between the Xenos and Humans have settled down, and Loki Familia have their own plans. Finn the commander of Loki Familia have made intelligent decisions to capture or kill Xenos, and now it’s upto Bell how he rescues the Xenos.

After the people and many others saw Bell helping a Monster(Wiene), they are already hostile against his presence. Wherever he goes, people either speak ill of him or someone from another Familia tail him to extract information. Finn also have eyes on Bell and tasks one of the members of Loki Familia to find gather information about Bell.

But, Ais chooses to keep an eye on Bell and sees something that would rage the hell out of Hestia.

Bell gets a Harem

As Bell reaches his destination, he is first greeted by Naaza, and then Bell hands over something to her. After Bell feels grateful that Naaza is helping him, she pats his head, to which Ais is surprised. Again, back to back many other woman come and fight over Bell. To the extent that Ais thinks that Bell is Delinquent.

Though these Harem scenes were not compulsory, adding these scenes adds lightness to the episode. And, on top of it, think about the the name of the series, Danmachi is just a short name, the actual is “Is is Wrong to Pickup Girls in a Dungeon?” So, Bell getting some Harem is not surprising.

Lily is the Gamechanger

Lily is probably the weakest member after Haruhime in terms of Physical Strength, keeping aside her agility. But, in Episode 10, she is the gamechanger. She single-handedly persuades many explorers and a group of Loki Familia to move away from Bell.

In the Beginning, she takes the form of a rabbit monster. Thinking that the rabbit is a Xenos, the explorers run towards it and hence, Bell’s path confirms clear.

Again she takes the form of Finn and orders a group of Loki Familia members to leave their position. Hence, making Lily as one of the most efficient character of Episode 10.

Wiene in Trouble, Again!

After the Xenos try to run away, Gareth from Loki Familia attacks the group suddenly and most of the Xenos are shocked. This impacts lets Wiene to fall in a pit, and she again goes astray from the group.

Hestia and Haruhime are worried that Wiene has gone Astray and immediately informs Bell. In the mean time, Haruhime rushes where Wiene is, but unfortunately Wiene lands where an Experienced explorer is present.

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