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Black Clover Chapter 296 Spoilers Leaks

One of the three Dark Triads have been defeated. And, who was the guy to defeat him? Not Asta but Magna.

After that, now we have moved on to the battle between Noelle and Vanica. Noelle will face the strongest Villain she has ever faced.

Chapter 296 ended with a cliffhanger, but, it’s sure that the next chapter will start their battle.

On the other hand, Gaja will try hard to not harm his queen. Lolopechika is trying to break away from the curse, and Chapter 297 Spoilers and leaks will confirm whether she can break it!

Chapter 296 Recap

The Chapter is mainly divided into two parts. The first part contains, Noelle summoning Undine, and the second part contains the beginning of serious battle again Vanica.

Neolle tries to land many hits on Vanica, but fails to do so. Vanica, on the other hand is enjoying the fight. Frustrated, cannot able to do anything, we see a flashback during the training days.

Undine says that since Lolopechika cannot possess her at present, the closest one to possess her is Noelle, so, she has chosen Loelle.

We also see a friendly quarrel between Undine and Noelle, as to how Lolopechika is better than Noelle.

The second portion of the Chapter is short but shows Noelle summoning “Valkyrie Armor.” Before the summoning, Vanica was shocked. Her facial expression was not revealed, but, her eyes were widely opened.

Lolopechika is seen to be in control of Vanica’s curse. And Gaja looks quite frustrated by this. He cannot see his queen is such condition. But, the good thing is, even though Vanica’s curse is pushing Lolopechika to do things against her will, subconsciously he is fighting hard.

This was proved when we saw Lolopechika’s eyes full of tears, as if she is trying to express herself.

I wonder how quick will Noelle defeat Vanica. The most mysterious one in the Triads pack is Zenon. He doesn’t have any facial expression to show, and whether is more powerful than Dante and Vanica is still not known.


The Spoilers are out, and we have a flashback here:

  • Battle between Noelle and Vanica continues.
  • After unleashing Undine, Noelle is almost unstoppable.
  • Next panel continues with Noelle’s mother’s flashback.
  • Acier(Noelle’s mother) is fighting Vanica.
  • Vanica has an upper-hand, and curses Acier.
  • We see Nozel is hiding with a baby while his mother is fighting Vanica.
  • The baby starts crying and Vanica finds them.
  • Noelle pierces her sword in Vanica.

Black Clover Chapter 297 will officially release on June 20. The mangaka has taken a week of break, and will return after a week.

By how the previous Chapter ended, it’s sure that Chapter 297 will continue Noelle’s battle against Vanica.

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