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My Hero Academia Chapter 287 Spoilers, Raw Scans Released.

My Hero Academia is going through the most intense arc of the series and this is first time that we will come to see how powerful of Nana Shimura, former One for All holder before All Might. In the previous chapter we saw Bakugo getting seriously injured and Deku entering a different realm, where he meets Nana Shimura. With this let’s us look at My Hero Academia Chapter 287 Raw Scans and Spoilers.


Nana Shimura:

We already saw Nana Shimura appearing to support Deku in the previous chapter. By her looks she was clearly worried of the situation and the mess One for All has created. And having her Grand Child, Tomura involved, the situation for her is even more stressful.

Nana Shimura

After her appearance, All for One is surprised to see her and he provokes Tomura by talking about how weak Nana is.

Though Shigaraki may be angry he cannot move and express, because All for One is controlling him.

Nana stops All for One from taking any step further and to stop hurting Tomuro more. After All for One teases Nana that One for All is weak, she says that A Person like him would never understand about saving people because what he only does is uses people for his own Selfish Gains.

One the other hand since, Deku cannnot speak in this realm, he thinks about Tomura that since, he is severely injured, there is no chance he could move on his own.

In one Panel, we see Dabi, but it is not clear what he will do. But, in the Panel he is giving an evil smile, which is not good.

In the final panel we see Mr. Compress and Toga talking to each other.

Compress is warning Toga that Deku is going to be a hero. Toga talks about Deku and Uraraka. She points at Uraraka and says that why don’t they say that everything is alright.

My Hero Academia Chapter 287 Release Date:

My Hero Academia Chapter 287 will officially Release on October 11.

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My Hero Academia is free to read online on Viz.


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