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One Piece 1003 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

After the Red Scabbards fail to defeat Kaido and Big Mom, the Worst Generation have entered the battle field. Zoro have already tested the Enma twice, but till now he hasn’t been successful in landing a hit. But, he is quickly approaching the point where he can efficiently use Enma. At one time, Kaido was forced to accept the fact that Zoro can be compared to Oden. This incident put a minor dent on Kaido’s concentration and he blew with Rage. With every chapter, the events are becoming even more interesting than before. With this let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1003 Spoilers & Leaks.

Chapter Discussion[Pre-Release]

Enma Is Insane

From the beginning of the time he reached the upper floor, Zoro has been trying hard to land at least one hit from Enma. Every swing from Enma has been a failure till now, and there is a reason why such is so.

Enma is Oden’s sword and only he was able to handle it effectively. The cut-mark on Kaido’s chest is from the same Sword that Zoro is using. In Chapter 1002, after Zoro used a missed attack on Kaido, Kaido was able to sense Oden’s aura in Enma.

Another thing that cannot be missed when we are talking about Enma is how easily it shaved-off one of the horns on Kaido’s Castle. If you have little idea about how big the Castle is, the whole War is fought in that Castle. Uncountable number of Pirates and Samurais are clashing with each other and Kaido if fighting Luffy and other on the top floor.

Luffy’s New Attack

After Big Mom’s electric attack didn’t work on Luffy, she was shocked. To counter it, Kaido also launched his Flame Attack, it did not work too.

This gave Luffy an opportunity to launch his new attack, Kong Gatling. That’s the last panel of the Chapter, but, by the looks of it, it’s sure that Kaido has surely taken considerable damage.

Whether Luffy is using Ryuo to enhance the impact is not sure yet. But, if he is able to injure Kaido without even using Ryuo, then Kaido has some bad time coming for him.

But, this War is a bit different from when the time of Dressrosa. In Dressrosa, Luffy only fought Doflamingo and no one else at the same time. But, here he is directly clashing with the two most powerful Pirates.

It will be interesting to watch how Luffy and others manages to defeat the two Worst Pirates. We are also missing the incoming Marines. If the Pirates arrive before the War is finished, it’s going to be messy and whole Wano may transform into a battle field.

Here is a prediction that I want to make: If the Marines arrive after the War has settled down, they will leave quickly without meeting Kin’emon and others. If that happens, it would be a bitter-sweet ending on the Wano Arc.


The spoilers are out and there is something that will make the upcoming chapters even more exciting.

  • Chapter name is “Night on the Board.”
  • Chapter starts with Luffy punching Kaido with countless punches. Kaido spits blood from his mouth. Even Big Mom is shocked after seeing this. After getting hit repeatedly, Kaido falls on the ground.
  • After landing consecutive hits on Kaido, Luffy’s Haki runs out.
  • Bob Mom attacks Luffy with flaming version of Hahaba, but Zoro carries him and jump out of the way. Kid and Killer go to attack Kaido while Law attacks Big Mom with “Countershock”.
  • Kaido rises up and create a Tornado, blowing both Luffy and Zoro. Kaido chews Luffy hoping to finally kill him.
  • After seeing this, Zoro uses his “Kokujou Oo Tatsu Maki” (The attack he used on Gyojin Island) to create a Tornado to counter Kaido’s Tornado. This time, finally, Zoro lands a hit on Kaido and makes him bleed.
  • After getting hit, Kaido realizes that the Sword Zoro is using in peculiar, since, it has got Oden’s aura.
  • Kaido unleashes new attack that seems similar to his preview Tornado, but, more powerful.
  • Zoro carries Luffy and run while Kid and Killer deflect Kaido’s attack. Law on the other hand, is warping out of the way.
  • Scene changes to inside the Onigashima Castle. The battle on the roof-top creates tremor inside the castle. Orochi’s head is seeing laying on the ground.
  • Scene again swtiches to CP0. They are playing a game that represents Kaido’s army vs the Samurais.
  • The head of CP0 complains about Orochi’s dead, and that the banquet has turned into a warzone.
  • The final scenes changes to Franky and Sasaki fighting. Sanji is looking panicked with blood on his head, Nami, Usopp and Tama are doing something together. Ulti is running.
  • Jinbei is fighting and Yamato is preparing to fight with Momonosuke and Shinobu behind her.
  • Again, back to the rooftop. After Luffy’s attack, the war has settled for a bit, and we see Kaido changing back to his Human-Beast form. The form is huge, probably bigger than Big Mom.
  • Kaido says: “Hey, Linlin! This is getting pretty fun!! Worororo!!”
  • Big Mom says: “Mamamamama! Yeah, Kaido! I’m feeling exactly the same thing!!”

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