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Black Clover 281 Spoilers, Raws Scans

Chapter 280 has kickstarted the first wave of Demon. And, what’s worst? This is only the first gate that has opened. Only the first Gate has opened and the Dark Triads have acquired 100% Devil Powers. But, this is not the only problem that we have now. Since the Gate is opening consecutively, Yami and Williams are at stake and if all the Gates open, the Human Realm is done for. It will be interesting to see how the events turns up. With this, let’s look into Black Clover 281 Spoilers, Raw Scans and some Discussions.

Chapter Discussion[Pre-Release]

Will Nacht Die?

This is an important question to ask, and, as of now, only Nacht has a good idea to counter the Dark Triads and save Yami and William. But, as the Chapters progress, we are increasingly getting a negative vibe about Nacht’s safety.

When he was introduced, it felt as if he was already on a suicide mission. But, things are more obvious in Chapter 280. He officially said to one of his Devils to “Die for Him.” If that happens, it’s sure that he is taking at least one Dark Triad with him.

But, of course we hope this doesn’t ever happen as the Clover Kingdom will lose an important asset.

Will Yami & William Die?

When Yami and William were taken for sacrifice, Nacht told the Clover Knights that when all Gates open, both Yami and William will die. But, that’s not the only disastrous thing that will happen. After all the Gates open, the Human Realm will become infested with Demons and Humans will eventually be wiped out.

Coming back to the point, will Yami and William Die? The answer to this is No! Only the first Gate has opened till now and for both Yami and Willaim to die, all the Gates must be opened.

It’s almost sure that before the final Gate opens, Asta will make a sudden appearance and stop the Gate with his Anti-Magic Sword. And, in the end, he is the only one who can defeat Dante and other Dark Triads and this was confirmed by Nacht.

When Will Asta Return?

In the end panel of Chapter 280, we saw Asta is still training with Liebe. That’s was enough to understand the situation that Asta is trying hard to get control of this new power.

But, it’s almost sure that Asta will only return in the last moment when things have already turned out for the worst. The three people who are facing the Dark Triads are Nacht, Charlotte and Yuno.

There is chance that Yuno and Charlotte will defeat Zenon and Vanica respectively, but Nacht may not be able to defeat Dante(we have already got Nacht’s death-flag). Even before starting to fight against Nacht, Dante declared that he wanted to fight the Anti-Magic Guy(Asta). Hence, the battle has already been set from the very beginning of the War.

One thing is rest assured. None of the Clover Knights will die.


The Spoilers are out and it FIRE!! in every way! Let’s look into it.

Finally Asta has trained to unite with Lieve and will now, enter the battle.

  • Chapter begins with how the Demons were created.
  • Kasier, Krisch and Solid try to fight the Demon, but the Demon is too much powerful.
  • Julius thinks of taking action and unleashing his last move.
  • Julius uses the last page of his Grimoire, and it increases his age 10 years. But, the time limit is too low, and he quickly turns back to a kid.
  • Next Panel shows the Demon is unleashing a large-scale attack on Clover Kingdom.
  • Final Panel shows Asta has Trained his Devil and says “Unite.”

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