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The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent Episode 12 Release & Discussion

We are at the end of this 12 episodes journey. Every episode of this series is a breath of fresh air. With the magical and romantic elements mixed, The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent served us a different kind of Isekai.

But, now that the series has reached its final episode, regular watchers are asking whether they will get a Season 2 announcement soon?

If you ask me, then of course, I would surely want a Season 2 ASAP. Well, it’s on production to decide, and based on the response, I won’t be surprised if we get Season 2 next year.

With this, let’s look into Episode 12 Release & Discussion.

Episode 11 Recap

Sei is officially the Saint now, and she has also acknowledge it. In the past episode she accidentally activated he hidden power which only a Saint can unleash. But, what was the trigger?

We, the watchers knew, but, it seems our Saint doesn’t understand, yet. But, fortunately in the very beginning of the episode, we see her confirming the trigger of the technique.

It’s Hawke. Sei has subconsciously started liking Hawke, and the first time she unleashed her ultimate technique was when Hawke was severely injured. Now, she has understood that Hawke is the trigger.

But, for a woman it’s embarrassing to reveal her feeling to the Man she likes. And, in the case of Sei too, the same thing is applies.

But, we are already at the end of Season 1, and it seems next episode she will reveal her feelings to Hawke after returning from battle, or maybe in the battlefield.

The episode was short but sweet. Mostly covering the “Dog-zoned” soldier trying to recruit Sei in his team. And, Hawke being adamant to push him away from Sei.

I had a smile throughout the episode (Every episode).

Aira seems to be free now. She has reached the battlefield and maybe unleash her spell too. Let’s see what happens.

Release Date

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent” releases every Tuesdays. Episode 12 will release on June 22nd, 2021. Next episode preview was not shown, but, there is high chance that next episode will cover Aira’s growth.

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