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One Piece Episode 980 Release & Discussion

Denjiro has revealed himself and the other Red Scabbards, especially Kin’emon couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Ashura on the other hand could not contain his tears after seeing his friend alive after so many years.

And, it seems Kin’emon’s plan had God’s work in it. Being so accurate in planning something beforehand even without knowing the consequences is optimistic and hilarious at the same time.

Well, Episode ended with Kanjuro making his move. Let’s see what One Piece Episode 980 has for us.

Episode 979 Recap

What a lucky event for Kin’emon! There are too much revelation made in this episode to cover everything. But, the focus of whole episode was Denjiro’s revelation about Kine’mon’s plan.

Oda is such a genius to build a comic situation out of such a serious event. Turns out, Kin’emon’s plan was made accurate by mistake. Who knows what would have happened to Kine’mon if Denjiro didn’t appear.

Most of the episode covered Denjiro’s speech on how Kin’emon’s genus idea surprised Orochi and also the spy.

Everybody took this seriously but, Kine’mon and other Red Scabbards knew what was going on. Kin’emon might really have used most of his luck.

Finally, in the end we see Kanjuro take Momonosuke with him probably to deliver to Orochi. Kawamatsu tried to stop Kanjuro, but, he took off.

At present there is only one person who can stop him. Sanji. And, it seems this does happen in the next episode, as we see Sanji landing hits on Kanjuro.

Release Date

The latest episodes of One Piece releases every Saturdays. Episode 980 will release on June 26th, at 5:30 PM. Episode 980 is named, “A Tearful Promise! The Kidnapped Momonosuke!”

Well, Kanjuro has taken Momonosuke with him, and this was the worst thing to happen. The preview of next episode showed the beginning of the War.

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