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Who Knows Iruma Is Human? Will Alice Find Out The Truth?

Iruma’s secret as a Human is one of the standing pillars of the whole show! His secrecy is what makes the series hilarious at times. It’s all funny and jolly when this happens randomly, but what happens if Iruma being a Human is revealed among all the Demons?

Though there are higher demons who know about Iruma’s secret, but how will other demons close to him respond when they find out? In this post, I’ll try to think the scenario and their response to this shocking revelation!

Devils Who Know Iruma’s Secret

As I said before, there are some Demons who know that Iruma is not a Demon. There are also some who suspect Iruma’s identity but aren’t sure how true is that!

  • Sullivan
  • Opera
  • Balam
  • Bachiko
  • Henri (Suspicion)
  • Ameri (Suspicion)
  • Baal
  • Six-Fingers

These are some of the only people who know that Iruma is a Human. I Believe Henri thinks Iruma is a Human, but he cannot force anyone to reveal what they don’t want to. Ameri on the other hand suspected him when he successfully read the manga Ameri tried to read.

welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun Iruma & Ameri's Daughter
Ameri’s Dream

I won’t be surprised if Ameri knows the truth soon as they get more closer. Looking at how great they are progressing with their relationship, the day Iruma finally expresses his feeling is the day Ameri will know the real truth!

Kalego’s Reaction Towards This Revelation?

Though Kalego is the strictest person in Babyls, he also has a great heart. In a flashback we saw that he has been keeping this personality since the very days of his student life. In particular he has never fully revealed about his thoughts on Humans, but, looking at how strict he is, the day he finds out that Iruma is a Human, he’ll probably either hand him over to Henri or will accept the situation after Balam and Opera’s convincing.

As powerful he is, Kalego is also a mysterious character. Even though he despises Iruma for the rukus he makes, when time comes, he doesn’t think much and hand overs Iruma important responsibilities! He also revealed Iruma about not having a familiar and that a demon can perform well without having so.

How Will Clara React After Learning The Secret?

Clara’s answer to this revelation will be the simplest of all, and I guess even you know that! She will be as shocked as Balam at first, then she will accept him. She will give the reason for his good behavior from the beginning. And, seeing how simple minded Clara is, she won’t start hating Iruma just because he is a Human!

welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun Clara

On top of that, she also has a soft spot for Iruma. Iruma and Alice are the only two guys she comes close to. The mangaka may also surprise us with a more mature response from Clara, where she embraces him and plays an important role in convincing other demons.

Does Alice Find-Out About Iruma’s Secret?

Alice and Clara are the only ones who have no clue about Iruma being a Human. It’s sure that one day Alice will know too, and it’s also sure that Alice will still accept him just the way he is. Even though Alice is a Demon, he is royal and intelligent enough to decide whether Iruma’s presence is good or not!

Once iruma thought to reveal his secret to both Clara and Alice, but Alice’s mother warned him of taking any decision without thinking too much. Hence, in the future there’s high chance either Iruma will himself reveal this secret, or situation will reveal it itself.

Will Iruma Deported Back To Human Realm?

As simple as Iruma is. He almost never misses a chance to mess things up. The very first time he entered Babyls, Demons sitting next to him suspected him a Human. The next time Ameri suspected him, and then it was the worst guy who could have suspected him, Henri. But, fortunately this secret was never proven true due to lack of evidence.

Henri and his crew questioned Sullivan since he was suspected of bringing a Human illegally. Baal passed this information to Henri. Hence, I have a feeling that as the story progress further, the ones who are against Iruma becoming the Demon King will do everything in their power to reveal his weakness. And there’s no other weakness than his past and the secret he’s holding.

welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun Iruma & Ameri
Iruma Helps Ameri

For now, Baal is the only real antagonist we have seen in the series. He also played a big role in the failed attack on Babyls. Few months ago a Chapter was released were he got access to a weapon that’s supposedly extremely powerful. Many are saying it’s the “Anti-Sulli Weapon.” Means a weapon that can bring down Sullivan.

When it’s finally revealed that Iruma is not a Demon, either it would be too late by then, or a huge uproar to either execute Iruma or deport him back, or the Demons will simply accept him since he is such a nice guy!

Why Human Are Deported Back To Human Realm?

As I said before, Henri(Ameri’s dad) has already suspected Iruma of being a Human, but due to lack of evidence he could not do anything! In Chapter 38 Henri revealed what happens to Humans who enters the Demon Realm. Their memories are erased and are deported back to where they came from!

It’s obvious for Henri to have met other Humans before since he’s the Security Chief of Demon Border Control. Much like a border guard. But, the reason for Humans to be Deported back is something related to the Demons and not Humans!

While explaining the reason, he said : “The number of Demons who follow the ideal of Returning To The Originator is increasing and it’s extremely dangerous for Humans.” This sentence can be interpreted to something like what happens with fallen angels. An angel makes a mistake and then they are punished to spend their lives as a Demon. Maybe in this case Demon are the fallen humans who want to “return to their originator.”

Believe me or not, this whole thing of Iruma revealing his identity and what could be consequences is far too stretched and complex. If I stretch it even more, then who knows, maybe Baal is planning to enter Human Realm and conquer both the worlds.

I may be wrong or thinking too much. Please correct me with better facts if you have!

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