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One Piece Episode 951 Release Date, Watch Online.

The Wano Arc is at its full swing and the War against Kaido is fast approaching. Previously we saw that a new character was introduced named Kawamatsu Kappa. As expected from a Red Scabbards, Kawamatsu is extremely strong though he ate poisonous fish for 20 years. With This let’s look into One Piece Episode 951 Release Date.

Release Date

One Piece Episode 951 will Release on Saturday, November 21 (PDT). Episode 950 gave a platform for Momonsuke to shine and carry forward his Father’s wishes.


The Past 20 Years

Episode 950 was an extremely important episode of the Wano Arc and the upcoming War against Kaido. After Shutenmaru meets Kinemon and Inuarashi, he explains the painful story of the Samurais who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

While explaining the story he was himself broken into tears. But, now that Kinemon and Inuarashi have arrived, Shutenmaru and his other fellow Samurais are ready to attack Onigashima.

Shutenmaru declares that they will advance at the night of Fire Festival.

The Rise of Momonosuke

In previous Episode, we saw how severely injured Luffy was after he poisoned himself by the Plague.

In Episode 950, we see that Chopper is trying hard to make antidote and cure Luffy. Luffy has become very weak and can barely speak.

Other the other hand we see that Raizo and others are trying to convince the Prisoners that Luffy is a good Pirate and have come to save them from Kaido’s oppression.

But, since their own experience with Pirates have already been quite Bitter, they are eye-shut when it comes to believing them. It is here when Luffy forces and indirectly encourages Momonosuke to convince and show the Prisoners that there is Hope against Kaido and Orochi.

Momonosuke delivers a powerful speech to the Prisoners and hence, fills them with enthusiasm and pride.


Shutenmaru has officially declared War against Kaido and Orochi. With this, we are officially entering the actual Wano War.

There are 8 days since the War begins. Other thing to notice is that, One Piece Anime is at its 950th Episode and only 50 Episodes left for a Great Milestone.

We fans are waiting for the 1000th Episode and 1000th Chapter of One Piece with full-on Excitement.

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