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One Piece Chapter 1023 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Is there anything new to say after Luffy got defeated by Kaido? I don’t think there is must to explain, but good thing is, he is finally back on his feet after eating a ton of food.

For now the chapter is covering Sanji and Zoro’s view of the battle, and who knows what’s happening with Nami and others. I really want to know how are Red Scabbards doing. It’s been quite a time since we have learned anything about them.

Chapter 1022 ended with one of the most badass attacks. I was literally off my chair when I saw the last panel of both Zoro and Sanji attacking Queen and King.

Well, let’s see what One Piece Chapter 1023 Spoilers has for us now.

Chapter 1022 Recap

Chapter starts with showing the three Tobi-Roppo laying on the ground, defeated. In the proceeding panel, we see an absolutely ballooned Luffy. It seems he has received all energy he needs to go against Kaido.

We see Raizo going against an another Ninja who works under Orochi. Though he is thrashed quite brutally, it’s the emotion attached to Wano that pushes him to stand again.

After a short conversation between Raizo and Fukurokojo, the scene changes to battle between Killer and Hawkins. As expected from Hawkins, he has planned everything beforehand. He knows that he cannot stand against Killer if he goes all-out, hence, he has sorted to dirty tactics.

He has a doll that can harm Kid directly if Hawkins is attacked. Now, how does Killer comes out of this complex problem will be quite interesting to see. Kid & Law on the other hand are facing Big Mom.

One Piece Roger

Scene changes to King and Queen threatening the pirates who cheated them. They cannot do anything since they are just obeying Otama’s orders.

Especially King. He is trying to find Zoro to finish him. To distract their attention, Sanji lands a tight hit on Queen. But, his life is at stake. Perospero is aiming an arrow on Sanji. He is also stopped as Nekomamushi has come to take revenge for Pedro’s death.

Marco is seen laying on the ground, defeated. And, that’s acceptable since it’s both Queen and King he is fighting. Since King wants Zoro to die, he launches an extremely powerful attack on him, but Marco stops it.

Chapter ends with Zoro completely recovered and both him and Sanji launching a powerful attack on King and Queen, injuring them.


As expected, the spoilers are out again pretty early.

  • Chapter 1023 title: “As Alike As Two Peas In A Pod.”
  • Chapter starts from where it ended. After Zoro and Sanji hit King and Queen, both of them are laying down mildly injured.
  • Chopper is surprised to see the effects of the Mink’s medicine.
  • One of the Beast Pirate points his gun at Zoro, but Kawamatsu defeats him. Hyogoro tells everyone not to interfere in Sanji’s and Zoro’s fight.
  • Marco remembers few words of Whitebeard as he watches both King and Queen.
  • Whitebeard says: “Long time age, before the time of Mary Geoise, there was a “Country of God” above the Red Line.”
  • As Marco is absorbed in his thoughts, some of the Beast Pirates start shooting at him. But, Izou saves Marco and in process he shoots a Beast Pirate as he escapes taking Marco with him.
  • King and Queen are already back on their feet. After getting up, Queen starts to rap!
  • Queen fires a laser beam at Sanji and Zoro, but they dodge. Zoro realizes that something is not right with Sanji.
  • A short conversation happens between them. As they speak, King lunges at Sanji with his sword, but Zoro stops him. Queen on the other hand takes the opportunity and tries to attack Zoro with a new technique. This time, Sanji stops him.
  • Queen and Sanji exchange some conversation.
  • We again return to King’s face. He’s listening to the conversation in silence, and then Sanji begins to spin flaming kicks at Queen.
  • Zoro and King keep fighting. Suddenly, King’s sword changes shape into something like a comb and King snatches Zoro’s swords. King then goes on to land a powerful punch on Zoro’s face, but Zoro manages to move his head aside.
  • Zoro picks up his sword and returns to fight.
  • Hyogoro and Kawamatsu are watching Zoro’s battle. He says that Zoro is a formidable swordsman. To his reply Hyogoro says that he reminds him a lot of Ringo’s lord, Shimotsuki Ushimaru in his younger days.
  • As Zoro and King continue to fight, we see an image of Ryuma where we see that his left eye was also damaged like Zoro’s eye.
  • Next we move on to 2nd floor. Jack and Inuarashi keep fighting.
  • Jack attacks Inuarashi, but he is in disadvantage as Inuarashi throws him out of the room.
  • Inuarashi plans to transform into his Sulong form.
  • Cut to outside of Onigashima castle. Nekomamushi approaches Perospero saying that he will now avenge Pedro’s death. Nekomamushi transforms into Sulong form and Perospero is terrified to see him.
  • On the 2nd floor of Onigashima castle, Raizo and Fukurokuju are still fighting.
  • Cut to Wanokuni coast. Heart Pirates are upset, they have drawn their weapons and are pointing at “something” that reminds them a lot to Kaido.
  • Momonosuke has transformed into a giant dragon and is now standing in front of Luffy.
  • Momonosuke is now 28 years old. Shinobu has grown him by 20 years by her powers. The elder Momo is taller than Shinobu and is close to Luffy’s height.
  • Chapter ends with Luffy and Momo taking off towards Onigashima castle

It seems nowadays most manga don’t announce the next chapter release date. Maybe because in the past there has been incident when the chapters got delayed and some fans really started bothering them.

But, according to the official Viz website, it’s written that Chapter 1023 will hit after 7 days, hence, no break. Well, that’s good news considering that One Piece takes break in every few weeks.

Rest assured, One Piece is the only manga where the latest Spoilers arrive way early than the official is announced. So, Stay Tuned!!

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