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Top 10+ Cutest Characters In One Piece

Though One Piece is an action and adventure manga series, thanks to its dynamic storytelling it has pretty much every type of character.

And today, in this post, I’ll list the 10+ Cutest Characters In One Piece.

I won’t take much of your time… Let’s GOOO…

(1) Otama/Tama

Otama/Tama is the cutest one in One Piece. Nothing about her is negative, as it is with most children…In spit of spending her life in absolute misery Tama never complained about her life and just kept working hard…

One Piece tYama

And Kudos to the VA (Voice Actor) whose voice matched pretty accurately with Tama’s cuteness. Unfortunately now that Wano Arc is over we won’t be able to see her anymore.

(2) Chopper

How can I forget Chopper? He is probably the cutest Straw Hat character. Chopper is not just cute, he has a massive bounty of 1 thousand Belly. LOL…That too after the Wano Arc.

One Piece Chopper

Everyone at Straw Hats loves him. Robin has publicly expressed her love for him. Surprisingly Zoro has a soft-corner as we have seen multiple occasions when he saved him.

(3) Yamato

After Yamato was introduced in One Piece, she almost instantly climbed the list of the “Best Waifu.” She is extremely cute, strong, well-built and also have a subtle lady-like vibe. I don’t think there’s any reason to hate her!

Yamato One Piece Beautiful

I don’t know whether you will believe this but Yamato, at one time, became more likable character than Luffy…Yeah it was for a very short duration, but isn’t it astonishing?

(4) Nekomamushi

Who doesn’t love cats? Neokomamushi, when not in battle-mode, is one cute character. He was way cuter in his childhood when he landed in Wano. Even Oden loved his activities and decided to let him stay.

One Piece Nekomamushi

Every One Piece fans cheered and laughed when Robin used a toy to entertain Nekomamushi. If you are interested watch Episode 765.

(5) Laboon

I suppose you never expected Laboon to appear in this list! Yeah unfortunately Laboon is a forgotten character who spent most of his life wanting to meet the pirates who entertained him.

One Piece Laboon

Look at the image above, if you don’t consider Laboon cute then I don’t know what will. I hope Oda hasn’t forgotten him and in the end Brook will get to meet him.

(6) Ryunosuke

Unlike all the characters I’ve mentioned before Ryunosuke never existed. He was just a painting created by Kanjuro! But, in a very short span of time Ryunosuke gathered intense love. Especially from Robin.

One Piece Ryunosuke

Robin almost cried when Ryunosuke disappeared after completing its mission. A permanent goodbye to this lovable character…

(7) Carrot

If I’m not mistaken Carrot was one of the first minks to meet the Straw Hats. Being a Rabbit, she is bubbly and doesn’t take much pressure about anything. Until it’s enemies of course!

One Piece Carrot

She becomes even more beautiful when in her “Sulong” form. In short it’s her activities that makes her hella cute. One of the incident is when she tried to chew Luffy’s ears…

(8) Boa Hancock

I’ll be honest here: I like Boa Hancock! Especially how her personality changes when she’s near Luffy. She is funny, intelligent, strong, and also romantic (just for Luffy). Despite her harsh past she lives a joyful and powerful life.

Boa Hancock One Piece
Boa Hancock

And did I say talk about her dynamic persona? She can make herself look like a “Powerful Lady,” but within a moment she can transform into a “Cute & Shy Lady.” Many in the OP community call her “Forehead-Chan” which is don’t complete reject…

(9) Toko

Who knew that behind this continuous laughter was a cruel reality? She had to eat a defective Devil Fruit only because she was extremely hungry. If you look at her after learning about her past Toko is cute. In fact as cute as Otama and other kids her age…

One Piece Toko

She finally got a good life after the War got over, and now that she is with Hiyori, as time passes she will become as beautiful as her…I hope Oda shows her after she has grown up.

(10) Perona

Perona entered One Piece as an irritating and naggy character but quickly became a cute woman. Many fans speculate (including me) that she had feelings for Zoro which she expressed when Zoro was about to leave after Mihawk’s training.

One Piece Perona

After that we have never seen her in any chapter. Do you consider Perona as a cute character? Do let me know:

(11) Shirahoshi

Shirahoshi is gentle and extremely emotional. Even the smallest things makes her cry. But behind this is also a reason…Keeping all those negative aspects aside, she is pretty cute and good-looking. I can partially recall how high she ranked in One Piece popularity, but she did get many votes for being cute!

Shirahoshi One Piece

I’m pretty sure she has received this beauty from her mother who herself was way more beautiful than an average fish-person! She will surely grow to an even more beautiful and cute fish-woman after some more time passes!

Honorable Mention: Tashigi

Tashigi has a striking resemblance with Kuina. The first time Zoro saw her he too was surprised. She is a trained Marine and has pretty good skills, but one thing that we cannot forget about her is the cuteness she carries…

One Piece Tashigi

Tashigi is probably the cutest Marine in One Piece. She is childhood and in the same time determined to complete her mission.

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