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Top 10 Fastest One Piece Characters Of All Time

One Piece is unarguably one of the most successful manga series ever. An entire generation has been following this series since decades. With this many years One Piece sure has insane details and countless type of characters…

And in this post I’ll list the Top 10 Fastest One Piece Characters Of All Time

Let’s GOOO…

(1) Kizaru (Borsalino)

I suppose you already knew this guy would be there at the top! Kizaru/Borsalino is fastest character in One Piece. Thanks to his abilities he can travel at a certain distance at the speed of light. Yeah, and as you already know there’s nothing that is faster than the speed of light…

Kizaru (Borsalino) One Piece
Kizaru (Borsalino)

He sure must have weaknesses, but as of now the manga hasn’t explained any of it. But historically there’s only one thing that can bypass light’s powers. Darkness.

(2) Enel

Enel’s abilities are pretty similar to Kizaru’s. As you can see in the image below, he looks like the god of thunder…And since Thunder is almost, if not as fast, as the speed of light.

Enel One Piece

His powers doesn’t work against Luffy though since Luffy is rubber and current cannot pass through rubber. And this is how Enel was defeated.

(3) Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew had this peculiar ability to teleport anyone or anything to different places in an instant. He did it to every member of the Straw Hats…His speed is pretty much similar to Kizaru and Enel, but he does have a set distance to how far he can travel.

One Piece Bartholomew Kuma

Unfortunately, he sacrificed himself to the Celestial Dragons, so we won’t know the total extent of his abilities. Sad!

(4) Silvers Rayleigh

Despite being old Rayleigh was easily able to counter Borsalino’s light speed. So this guy must have some technique to pin him down. I wonder how powerful he was when at his peak!

One Piece Rayleigh

What’s even more surprising is that he have never revealed any such special ability. Only raw strength!

(5) Cavendish

If you have forgotten this guy, his name is Cavendish and he carries a dual personality. When his other, more fierce, personality awakens he is not only insanely fast but his swordsmanship matches that of Zoro or even Mihawk.

One Piece Cavendish

His awakened power is called “Hakuba” which fears the Marines to no end. I’m sad Oda nerfed this dude. Maybe because he was eating up Zoro’s popularity…

(6) Law

The way how Law’s ability works is a bit different. Rather than directly teleporting at a certain spot he uses things to switch places. If the conditions are right, Law is as fast as Bartholomew Kuma.

Law One Piece

But his ability has a major drawback! He can only switch between two objects not directly teleport to a spot…

(7) Marco

Honestly speaking, Marco is not fast when he in his Human form. But, as soon as he uses his abilities, his speed increases multi-fold. In fact he was able to counter King at his peak speed and power.

Marco One Piece

What also sets Marco apart from other Pirates is his experience. He is experienced enough to meet almost every great Pirate of the begone era and the new generation. Do let me know what’s you view on him?

(8) Luffy

Luffy is the most unpredictable character in One Piece. He can be vegetative at one moment and instantly transform himself into a battle machine the next. But there’s a reason why I’ve kept him in the lower ranks:

One Piece Luffy 4th Gear

It’s because unlike the characters in the list Luffy has to put a LOT of effort to increase his speed. He has to release a lot of steam (energy) to surpass his limit…You might have noticed by now that anytime he unlocks a new Gear, his speed jumps a lot but he is not able to sustain it for a long time.

(9) Katakuri

What sets apart Katakuri from other fast characters is that he can see the future. Hence, it becomes almost impossible for the opponent to land a hit. On top of that he is hella fast. As we saw in the battle against Luffy. Luffy’s Snake Man couldn’t completely pin him down.

Katakuri One Piece

Katakuri could have restarted the battle but decided to stay put. He has honor and respects Luffy a lot. I wonder whether Oda will introduce him again?

(10) Sanji

Sanji is the 4th strongest Straw Crew at the moment, and he is fast. Quite a lot in fact! We have seen in various battle against villains, he have shown impressive levels of speed. I don’t think I’ve to talk about how catastrophic his kicks are!

One Piece Sanji

If I compare him to Zoro, while Zoro uses three heavy swords to use his powers, Sanji has nothing. His legs are enough for him. That’s why he is called “Black Let Sanji.” Not having any weapon is also a factor for his quick reflexes.

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